Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9830 Friday, April 30, 2010


1 Means of communication to help clone perhaps (9) CELLPHONE*

5 Good man with deposit, a hidden store (5) ST ASH

8 Soften by soaking in money? A make-believe (8) P(RET)ENCE

9 Where might beer be kept – in a pub? Right, by the Spanish (6) BAR R EL

11 Objects of worship (5) IDOLS

12 Eliminate water-like stuff, blended tea (9) LIQUID(ATE*)

13 Fighter, military man sporting French name (3-3) NO(N-CO)M

14 For ready money, nothing more than soft cloth (8) CASH MERE

16 Cheerful race treated gratis (8) (CARE*)FREE

18 Symbol that may resemble money to an extent (6) EMBLEM

22 See prudes running to take the place of another (9) SUPERSEDE*

23 Tree with a large bend beginning to hang (5) L ARC H

24 Encryption creates an outcry in business gathering initially (6) CO (DIN) G

25 With oriental taste, he develops into a lover of art (8) (AESTHET*)E

26 Putting carbon in drink makes you shrink back in distaste (5) WIN(C)E

27 Bruhaspati to the gods (9) PRECEPTOR


1 It describes a picture of a chicken swallowing a note (7) CAP(TI)ON

2 Get ready to sleep? (3,4) LIE DOWN

3 Emphasise meeting as a way of feeding newspapers (5,10) PRESS CONFERENCE

4 Mysterious part of Medoc culture (6) OCCULT

5 In emptiness, a hotel conjures up something to eat (7,8) SPANISH OMELETTE*

6 Price that a flier has to pay (7) AIRFARE

7 A Greek in Hades is ahead of a point (7) HELL ENE

10 Indian wife in America (5) SQUAW

15 Sheep in empty jail, a precious thing (5) J(EWE)L

16 Source of wealth – for the dairyman? (4,3) CASH COW

17 Persuaded one to take part in new period play (5,2) (ROPED I*)N

19 Big way, second to none in size (7) LARGE ST

20 Here's ma, worried about fish (7) MAHSEER*

21 Go back on decree formulation (6) RECEDE*

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