Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9828 Wednesday, April 28, 2010


1 One struggling for independence may deem right offer wrong (7,7) FREEDOM FIGHTER*

8 Remove or reduce about a pound (6) AB(L)ATE

9 Defector from a job brewing tea (8) A POST (ATE*)

11 What a trader finally earnsgain from the Infobahn? (3,6) NET PROFIT

12 Admonition to a child dawdling with dinner (3,2) EAT UP

13 On which to drive uphill (3,4) LOW GEAR

15 What does Omerta involve? One can't tell! (7) SECRECY

17 Territorial Army, say, violates limit with excellent backing (7) (MILIT*) IA<-

19 Bachelor with girl, not heartless but without shame (7) B (LATA) N(-O)T

21 Artist, leader in sculpting, elderly, in retreat (5) DEGA<-S

23 Revenue official who had trials re-organised (9) TAHSILDAR*

25 The edge of the road must be followed by every road-hog initially (8) SHOULD E R

26 Tom and Jerry, e.g., losing a round in a box (6) CARTO(-O)N

27 What an alpinist needs if he would move towards peaks (4,3,7) HEAD FOR HEIGHTS


1 Sweet talk gets woollen material (7) FLANNEL

2 Story written up about beginning of creation, a splendid success (5) E(C)LAT<-

3 What punishment is meant to be can discourage ten right off (9) DETER R (ENT*)

4 The driving force for one member, alien-American (7) I MP ET US

5 It makes for waste, they say (5) HASTE

6 Skin eruption puts a former worker on edge with a trace of allergy (9) EX ANT HEM A

7 How may great sorrow affect one? Profoundly! (6) DEEPLY

10 At a distance, a British force repulsed (4) A (FAR<-)

14 Bird figuring in a fruitless search (4-5) WILD-GOOSE

16 Mock serenade by Ravi, a rich composition (9) CHARIVARI*

17 Gorgon mother who accepted settlement of dues (6) M(EDUS*)A

18 Small company rated bad in interior design (3,4) (ART DE*)CO

19 It is money in Bangkok (4) BAHT

20 The endless misdeeds, one hears, of crowds (7) TH(-e) RONGS (~wrongs)

22 Big star with identity difficult to undermine (5) SOL ID

24 The beginning of deadly, strong desire to abandon someone (5) D ITCH


L N Srinivasakrishnan said...
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L N Srinivasakrishnan said...

It was Sumitra yesterday, Lata today. Who's it going to be tomorrow? I vote for Mala.