Monday, April 26, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9827 Tuesday, April 27, 2010


1 Expect open crevice to be fixed up (11) PRECONCEIVE*

9 Announced hair gel for the American mammal (5) MOOSE (~mousse)

10 Nice little number on cake (5,4) PETIT FOUR

11 Clean entertainment veils something concerning (5) ANENT

12 Rowdy behaviour is on us! Saucers damaged (11) RAUCOUSNESS*

13 Ghostly pale alien leaves latchkey deformed (6) CHALKY*(-ET)

14 Play with lid shaped like floating leaves (4,3) LILY PAD*

18 One may be driven to this when frustrated (7) DESPAIR

20 Party in back street of Paris with a Greek nymph (6) EU(DO)R<-A

24 Distributes once more to find the old Spanish coins outside (11) REAL(LOCATE)S

26 Not quite right when one gets dismissed by a bank (5) AMISS AMASS

27 Rodeo unit disaster is cleared up (6,3) IRONED OUT*

28 Planes? They are not odd (5) EVENS

29 Bill (owner) following booming sound finds a mythical creature (11) THUNDER BIRD


1 Charge Greek character in retreat in Pakistan for a smoker's stand (4,4) P(IP<-)(E RAC<-)K

2 Urge Tesla to get rid of Charlie's attendants (9) EN(-C)(+T)OURAGE

3 View forecast (7) OUTLOOK

4 Upset at missing the first clue type in this puzzle (5) (-A) CROSS

5 Goddess sheltering old king sent back by some countrymen (8) IS(RAEL<-)IS

6 Mission student missing assembly in trouble (7) EMBASSY*(-L)

7 Page in gloom, upset by queen (5) GOF<-ER

8 Property of Bill that one may shell out a lot of money for (5) NEST(-EGG)S HEFTY

15 Unusual ratio for one with a stronger reason (1,8) A (FOR)TIOR*I

16 Dessert Sumitra cooked contains iodine (8) TIRAM(I)SU*

17 Broken bedsteads Democrat dropped revealed in the open (8) BASSETED*(-D)

19 Sits uncomfortably after salesman turns up for the stay (7) PER<-SIST*

21 Dim and corrupt national leader replaced by Republican (7) UNCLEA(-N)(+R)

22 Nut in Arizona surrounded by endless misery (5) H(AZ)EL(-L)

23 Reportedly understood direction to remain silent (5) MIMED TACET

25 Alloy (duralumin) smuggled for the old U.S. comedian (5) LLOYD


L N Srinivasakrishnan said...

I loved the Sumitra clue. Knew at least one Sumitra - who was a great cook.

anokha said...

... but, did she cook "Tiramisu?"