Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9826 Monday, April 26, 2010

Note: P means the same wherever it appears in this puzzle



1 Revolutionary's right to imprison the awful grouch (a devotee) (10) CH(URCHGO*)E R

6 Flower king plucked out for sun goddess (4) I(-R)(+S)IS

10 Give water to the late revolutionary getting admitted here somehow (9) REH(YDRAT<-)E*

11 Native American language spoken by party in church recital (5) ALEUT? CRE(-E)DO

12 Stuck-up in harbour covered by knotted filaments (4-9) SELF-IM(PORT)ANT*

14 Letter on ethical problem the Spanish censored (5) AITCH*(-EL)

15 Mean to train in unpopular time (3,6) LOW SEASON

17 Briefcase left for incompletely returned bribe (9) PORT FO(-r) (LIO<-)

21 Lead wire (5) CABLE

22 Flag holder on the platform? (13) STATIONMASTER

24 Saying that yielded a surprise exclamation in retrospective (5) AD AGE

25 Lab nuance at fault for lack of equilibrium (9) UNBALANCE*

26 Red blossom extract (4) LOSS

27 Fired IOC receptionists adapted, being determined (10) PERSISTENT*(-IOC)


1 Jokers embracing astute professional cheaters (4,6) CARD (SHARP)S

2 Hurt Poles working to build a sofa, say (9) UPHOLSTER*

3 North Atlantic trawler catch component (7) COD FISH

4 Earplug adjusted for P (7) GRAUPEL*

5 Scrutinize the tip of a kind of pencil (7) EYE BROW

7 P to hassle Ethiopian in hiding (5) SLEET

8 Fictional investigative reporter's pet, not unknown to P (4) S?T? (something to do with SNOWY - Tintin's Pet? Could be SOFT but then no idea what 11ac is?) SNOW(-Y)

9 Fix the Mexican shawl and cape for the Oriental (6) SAR APE

13 Affection shown by close blokes in hospital department (10) EN(DEAR MEN)T

16 Opinion about failing USB kernel (9) S(UBS*)TANCE

18 Chips and some breakfast cereals for P (6) FLAKES

19 General besieging island to the Spanish south in free time (7) LE(I SUR)E

20 Passenger vehicle collection (7) OMNI BUS

21 Tea on counter window frame fabric (7) CHA(LLIS<-)

22 Crushing blows delivered by nerds in audition (5) SLAPS (~Schleps) SWATS

23 American leaves Time for P (4) FALL

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