Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9818 Friday, April 16, 2010


1 South American writers finally resolve an uncertain state (8) S US PENS E

5 Head of Section on waste disposal overworks (6) S(WEATS*)

10 How a cool person might act (7) ALOOFLY

11 Nearly lure dear Parisianone waiting in concealment (7) LUR CHER

12 Cover dwarf hiding stricken gnu (6) E(NGU*)LF

13 Least common mark sect redesigned (8) SCAR(CEST*)

15 Bit of porcine patter (4) OINK

16 Presumably where leading pupils in class sit (5,5) FRONT BENCH

18 Tunis jet I'm ordering in a kind of inventory strategy (4-2-4) JUST-IN-TIME*

20 Mean to be in expo organisation (4) POOR

23 Coastal fliers (8) SEABIRDS

24 Agonise over legal document on conclusions of crash course (6) WRIT H E

26 Is one frozen by this display? (3,4) ICE SHOW

27 Jimmy, bird's on perch (7) CROW BAR

28 Frees from faults (6) EMENDS

29 He forges things to make you fit for war (8) ARMOURER


1 They are even signifying impartiality (6,2,7) SCALES OF JUSTICE

2 The sort of wedding that makes it union or death? (7) SHOTGUN

3 To a T, it's decuple! Wrap up! (6) (->T) ENFOLD

4 Bean having a wild say about duck (4) S(O)YA*

6 Press minor to dress (8) WARD ROBE

7 Two articles about each composition in ancient Greek (7) A(CHAE*)AN

8 Feel ill with beer Sartre served all round? He will carry you out (9-6) ST(RETCH)ER BEARER*

9 Erode, for instance (5,4) PLACE NAME

14 What you may do with pen on paper (5,4) WRITE DOWN

17 Over Ifni stretches Desh broadcast (8) FINISHED*

19 National sort of twins? (7) SIAM ESE

21 It was revolution time in Russia (7) OCTOBER

22 Jovial Cockney catches nothing – nothing – in Spanish creek (6) 'ARR(O)Y(O)

25 Disfigurement in rare church is effaced (4) SCAR(-CE)


L N Srinivasakrishnan said...

19dn - national sort of twins - was a good clue.

Krishnan said...

Good morning Anokha.
22 D More clarification please.

Deepak Gopinath said...


{(-h)ARR{O}Y}{O} does that clarify your query?

Krishnan said...

Yes did not know about Arry, now got it. Thanks a lot.

anokha said...

Hi LNS - I actually didn't find anything special about any of the clues. This along with the last puzzle somehow seem quite uncharacteristic of Gridman's puzzles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anokha said...

Thanks, Col.!