Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 2583 Sunday, May 02, 2010


1 Type of music from the South side (5) S WING

4 King in America meeting important stars (4,5) U(R)SA MAJOR

9 Amputation scare turned out to be much ado about nothing (1,5,2,1,6) A STORM IN A TEACUP*

10 Tell untruths about e.g. praise, reportedly for a feudal superior (5,4) LI(EG)E LORD(~laud)

11 Son's term for a weapon (5) S WORD

12 Training out in it abroad (7) TUITION*

14 Royal Marines, first-rate, captivated by sea siren (7) ME(RM)(AI)D

16 One of us behind bars beginning to reform (7) INSIDE R

18 Arrived at film studio to make a musical (7) CAME LOT

19 Tree evident in Colorado ski resort (5) ASPEN

20 Blockhouse's value in a Texas city (4,5) FORT WORTH

22 Novel's fantastic a poet's said again (1,7,2,5) A PASSAGE TO INDIA*

23 Cry, cut biting fruit (4,1,4) SHE(D A TE)AR

24 Some process engineering in German industrial city (5) ESSEN


1 Italian composer exposed in trial, acts strangely (9) SCARLATTI*

2 At the start, leading article's suppressed (2,3,5,5) IN THE FIRST PLACE

3 Golfer's opener - Rose possibly in the furze (5) GORSE

4 A French counterfeit coin carrying head of Richelieu and a mythical animal (7) UN {ICO(R)N*}

5 Mad sort, eccentric achieving fame (7) STARDOM*

6 Distinguished conductor describing Latin mass in turmoil (9) MAE(L)STRO(M)

7 A daft joker's call upset handyman (4,2,3,6) JACK OF ALL TRADES

8 Swift attack round centre of Tripoli (5) RA(P)ID

13 Ones imprisoned by one country or another (9) IND(ONES)IA

15 Wife and child avoiding one in farm building (5,4) DUTCH BARN

17 Free of jungle yet? Every second counts for displaced person (7) REFUGEE

18 Artist in court worried guardian (7) CU(RA)TOR*

19 Collect a million as head of security (5) A M AS S

21 Chess player with involved ending in game (5) (WHIT*)E

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