Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9824 Friday, April 23, 2010


1 Again cast's in a ferment about one of the performers (7) ACT(RE)SS*

5 Are called in to make the preparations (7) AR(RANG)E

9 Gone very pale like a timber tree! (5) ASH EN

10 For recording music? (9) NOTEBOOKS

11 Has rig dressed up to look quite showy (6) GARISH*

12 Hit hard on US ring roads (8) BELT WAYS

14 Mount where Moses apparently received The Commandments (5) SINAI

15 A top man's pride sent crashing (9) PRESIDENT*

18 Company taking great number of men for December assembly, began work (9) CO M MEN (CED*)

20 Start home in pleasant corner (5) NIC(H)E

22 Put an arm through the broken panes to get the cheese (8) P(ARM)ESAN*

24 Get away to the sun in peace, for a change (6) E(S)CAPE*

26 Noisy class with a loving disposition (9) CL AMOROUS

27 In short, go over again, the main points (5) RECAP

28 Yells to me to take shelter inside — they're on the prowl (7) ROA(ME)RS

29 Exceeded the limit (7) OVERRAN


1 A single fluctuation in electric supply has a numbing effect (9) A(NALGESI*)C

2 May get tawny brown here, in this capital (7) T(EHER)AN

3 Girl might resent change in the east (9) ERNESTIN*E

4 Direction to cease dispatch (4) S END

5 Waiting by the new theatre, as arranged, the day after (2,3,5) (AT THE RE*)(ADY*)

6 Android needs mainspring with bolt head in the middle (5) RO(B)OT

7 Newly born child (7) NEONATE

8 Moves gently to be free from pain (5) EASES

13 People who watch a trot take place through glasses (10) SPEC(TATOR*)S

16 Island where people are accommodated without charge (9) INN IS FREE

17 Immediately put one on patrol to guard her (9) T(HER)EUPON*

19 Spoils a not for Sicilian wine (7) MARS A LA (should be "Spoils a note .......")

21 Tale teller who had tea cure brewed (7) CHA(UCER*)

22 Horse trained to run at a rate of speed (5) PACE R

23 Peel off circuit to bolt (5) EL(O)PE*

25 Look after outsize capital (4) OS LO


L N Srinivasakrishnan said...

Nice to see you back, Anokha. I thought you were too busy yesterday.

Not one nice clue, however :)

anokha said...

Actually, I liked some of the clues so it wasn't all lost ......