Monday, April 19, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9821 Tuesday, April 20, 2010


1 Having time on your side means more (6,7) SECOND HELPING

8 His house-mole, the cat was keeping an eye on! (7) SPOONER

9 Pat, takes part in the riot but is devoted to his country (7) PATRIOT

11 Ring the residenta man (6) O LIVER

13 Plane prepared to see off the foreigner (8) NEPALESE*

15 After Los Angeles, Kevin in New York becomes limp and thin (5) LA N(K)Y

16 So be exercising the dog in the dark (7) OBS(CUR)E*

18 The mop has been shaken round by the cleaner (7) SHAMPO O

19 She may have keen resentment with quarter (5) IRE NE

21 Assert it's quite different for entertainers (8) ARTISTES*

23 I have eleven to take care of in this country (6) ME XI CO

25 Regret that a blow caused teeth replaced with an artificial set (7) DENT (URE*)

26 They relate to atmospheric disturbances affecting radio reception (7) STATICS

28 Be ruthless and go through all the red lights? (4,2,7) STOP AT NOTHING


2 Observe return with male member of the privileged classes (7) (ETON<-)IAN

3 Confess to have won follishly (3) OWN*

4 Rat makes daughter move out rapidly (4) D(ART*)

5 Clearly brings one out with feeling in music performance (10) EXPRESSION

6 A capital of a north Indian state (5) PATNA

7 Speaking French is U itself (7) NAIVETE

8 The Himalayan ounce (4,7) SNOW LEOPARD

10 Use the car or turn to double dealing (11) TREACHEROUS*

12 Young team assembled to learn origin of words (5) ET(Y)MA*

14 There's no time like now to be missing (3,7) NO T PRESENT

17 Join one at half term (5) UNI TE

18 It's a woven mesh fabric (7) (SATI*)NET

20 Ed got into an arrangement to publish book in number of copies (7) ED ITION

22 A wooden leg puts Frenchman in a disturbed state (5) STU(M)P*

24 Amos lost himself in some part of a European capital (4) OSLO

27 A known timber tree (3) ASH


L N Srinivasakrishnan said...

uninspired clueing :(

Krishnan said...

8 AC, can you please explain ?

anokha said...

Agree LNS - totally uninspiring!

anokha said...

It was SPOONER, Krishnan!