Friday, April 16, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9819 Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some nice and some wild ones by Manna today ...................


1 An advisory word or two concerning a preliminary course (9) AN TIP AS TO

6 Funny business with mouse dropping the opener (5) CO MIC (-KEY)

9 Track made on time for race (5) T RACE

10 Critical point in the action of a play (9) SITUATION

11 Lawful extent of authority necessitates proficiency (10) COMPETENCE

12 Youth set out to climb (4) STE*E

14 Bears pain calmly and without complaint (7) PATIENT

15 Lingers around to make Leo stir (7) LOITERS*

17 Fixes position by sighting from three stations (7) R ESE C T S?

19 Cuts off the top (7) BEHEADS

20 Healthy drink taken at hospital (4) H ALE

22 Person of the type that gets into print (10) COMPOSITOR

25 Past eight! Prepare some food (9) SPAGHETTI*

26 Notice people inside get better (5) A(MEN)D

27 Not a willing worker (5) SLAVE

28 The chef's whisker (3,6) EGG BEATER


1 A sober man in charge of ancient Athens (5) A TT IC

2 Friends to play with (4,5) TEAM MATES

3 Choice share? (10) PREFERENCE

4 Think maybe American page should be in school (7) S(US P)ECT

5 Topic for Al related to sight problems (7) OPTICAL*

6 Talk easily at tea time (4) CHA T

7 Omits to change, though somewhat damp (5) MOIST*

8 Even cross out the word “talks” (9) CONVERSES*

13 Deadly screen used after dark? (10) NIGHTSHADE

14 Buys tea having lots of money around (9) PUR(CHA)SES

16 Lawrence can manoeuvre men into passing of a bill into law (9) E(NAC)(T)(MEN)T

18 He does not measure to height expectation (7) SHORTIE

19 Striking a blow (7) BOPPING

21 Apprentice priest can be a beast (5) L LAMA

23 A corollary added to a contract (5) RIDER

24 Short bent part at the bottom of a down pipe (4) SHOE


Krishnan said...

Good morning. Could not get many. Manna's is different flavor compared to Gridman. Liked 21D Apprentice priest can be a beast - L LAMA.

L N Srinivasakrishnan said...

Couldn't quite figure out 17 ac. Got stuck on 'triangulates' after a lifetime of reading all those old time spy novels and radio transmitters :(

'Nightshade' wasn't that bad though it was easy.