Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9822 Wednesday, April 21, 2010


1 Feel badly about accepting still water, defending one's case (10) RES(POND)ENT

6 Union of parties for a common purpose (4) BLOC

9 Is he gallant with the lady fish and well-bred? (7) GENT EEL

10 A queen who was anti-Italian to start off with (7) TI(TANI*) A

12 Many years later, they're captured (8) HOST AGES

13 Ledge that is for yours truly, hard to install (5) S(H)ELF

15 Feeling of elation boosts one's spirits (5) LIFTS

17 Sort of curl Anton developed during the night (9) NOCTURNAL*

19 Statement prepared by one who is willing (9) TESTAMENT (nice!)

21 The sorrowful one — that's her (5) SAD IE

23 Navigation system with greater range (5) LORAN

24 Drove mad, temporarily (8) STAMPEDE

27 Allowed to bring in some cooked food (7) OME(LET)S*

28 Foolishly end up with dollars to keep them from falling (7) (S)U(S)PEND*

29 A nymph's sound reflection (4) ECHO

30 Underworld team bearing with church feud (10) DISSIDENCE


1 Not right age to be violent (4) R AGE

2 Post party? (4,3) SEND OFF

3 Have right to vote without concealment (5) OVE(R)T*

4 Coach building application (9) DILIGENCE

5 Short informal letters (5) NOTES

7 Learnt on direction, new way to carry light in case (7) (LANTER*)N

8 Disappointed to see the fellow's down (10) CHAP FALLEN

11 Disposable soft absorbent papers (7) TISSUES

14 Suggesting the head of the house is slightly deranged? (5,5) SLATE LOOSE?

16 When at sea, turn for answers to an Indian tribe (7) SHAWNEE*

18 Albigensians go to Isaiah for purification (9) CATHARS IS

20 Many cheers ring out and there's loud yell (7) S(C)REECH*

22 Resentment at clothes gone off dud (7) DUD(GEON*)

24 In US, his fondness is for Japanese dish of fish (5) S(US)HI*

25 Having sat quietly, does get fidgety (5) P(OSED*)

26 Have an advantage over opponent (4) EDGE


Krishnan said...

Somehow can never get the hang of M.Manna. Sanklak and Gridman are my cup of tea :-) When I find you facilely cracked them all, I am green with envy :-))

anokha said...

Yeah, Manna is very inconsistent! Don't worry - I feel the same towards others on many days .....