Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9816 Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another gem from Gridman ...............(except 24 ac)! Also, a rare puzzle with no pure anagram ..................


1 Boy managed good-looker's wave (8) B RAN DISH

5 Organised persecution is Italian flower girl's first memory (6) PO G ROM

9 Specialist leaves enthusiast to work up massaging technique (7) SHIATSU*(-ENT)

10 Reportedly looks on what windows in severe winter may (3,4) ICE(~eyes) OVER

11 Busybody entertaining a strange guest in gracious gesture (4,5) BE(A)(U GEST*)E

12 Look on deadly finale — so mad! (5) LO ON Y

13 Combat of the French and the Spanish (4) DU EL

14 Royal shifting in small ship is rather large (6,3) P(R)ETTY BIG

17 Animals notoriously quarrelsome (5,4) ALLEY CATS

19 Satisfied, revolutionary sticks (4) SMUG<- (cute!)

23 Take on vagrant (5) ROVER

24 Compatible couples are made for … … (4,5) EACH OTHER (pretty uncharacteristic of Gridman clue!)

25 Brand debt notices as doubtful (7) DUB IOUs

26 Repetition about radio gets prize (7) RO(SET)TE

27 Search for doctor on border (6) DR EDGE

28 Cyberian ID (4,4) USER NAME


1 Meddler in public vehicle: young man close to quarry (8) BUS Y BODY

2 Create a stir with it in a portal (7) A G(IT)ATE

3 Do the young have this type of infatuation? (6) DOTAGE

4 They may be in court to suppress fraudulent activities (6,7) SQUASH RACKETS

6 Stresses admirer with learner going down has say in halting manner (8) (OVERL*)(-L)AYS

7 Head of restaurateurs with one instrument, not entirely used to make a pasta dish (7) R A VIOL(-A) I

8 Long-suffering sort, gentleman is creative at heart (6) M(ARTY)R [nice!]

10 Distinct, readymade credentials (8,5) IDENTITY CARDS

15 Spread over twelve months (8) YEARLONG

16 Cause pain to a good, nearly formidable woman (8) A G GRI(-M) EVE

18 See, five fit and worthy of affection (7) LO V ABLE

20 Mother has concealed cover for a great soul (7) MA(HAT)MA

21 Journalist cycled in, worn down (6) E(RODE)D

22 Instigator initially slips into rake at railhead (6) R{(-L)OUSE}R


C.G. BHARGAV said...

24 AC reminds one of the Wills ad of yesteryears: Made for each other blend that set the filter trend.

L N Srinivasakrishnan said...

A good clean one if you omit the 'busybody' answer already figuring as a clue elsewhere in the same puzzle. I didn't get just two at the end of my first pass - I had a good day :) But I was pleasantly surprised to see you were couple hours ahead of Col Saab.

Keep it up, Anokha. You're doing a great service for the East Coast puzzle fans.

anokha said...

Hi Bhargav,
The clue was too easy - certainly "not made for" Gridman!

anokha said...

Thanks, Srinivasakrishnan - Col. is great and also more regular and punctual than me!