Friday, April 23, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9825 Saturday, April 24, 2010


1 Many in South Africa made a bond to organise escape (7) (A)B(S){C}OND

5 The man next in line for a major promotion? (7) CAPTAIN

9 Within the home are the most intimate (7) N(EAR*)EST

10 Time ran out for one of Islam's high achievements (7) MINARET*

11 Works till one appears lost (5) T(O)ILS*

12 Catch up with, produce a gun and point it (4,5) DRAW LEVEL

13 That's nothing to the gardens I designed and arranged (9) (O)RGANISED*

15 He is very liberal with his perverted lies (5) E(L)LIS*

16 Ted developed art in buying and selling goods (5) (TRA*)(DE<-)

18 Those who advance another business man? (9) PROMOTERS

21 Arthur and I have difficulty swallowing a vegetable (9) ART I CHOKE

24 Bird in headgear (5) CAP ON

25 Pledge to get the wage estimate reduced? (7) EARN EST(-imate)

26 Small boy not able to discourse at length (7) DES CANT

27 New reel about a negative Plantagenet queen (7) ELE(A NO)R*

28 Ned used wire as tool to expand a packing case (7) WIDENER*


1 Girl, one on the wagon comes round for some dye (7) ANN A T T O

2 Second only to dining it is a problem for restaurateurs (7) (SHARING) S EATING (thanks Venkatesh!)

3 Sort of respect afforded Bacon, I see (9) OBEISANCE*

4 Old fashioned (5) DATED

5 Antonyms that are here today and gone tomorrow (4,3,2) COME AND GO

6 Arrange plane compartment (5) PANEL*

7 A rebel leader to be a match for the newcomer (7) A R RIVAL

8 Bugs are things the gardener tries to get ride of (7) NETTLES

14 Who cheers when the boxer gets a very good left in? (9) SUPPORTER

15 Didn't leave in bad spirits (9) EXORCISED

16 Gin and leisure, we hear, produce entertaining activity (7) TRAP EZE(~ease)

17 A note about the leading goddess (7) A (STAR) TE

19 Make intelligible notes about nine Nepal constituents (7) E(X)PLA(I)N*

20 Some have chosen a Tory politician (7) SENATOR

22 Honest and uncorrupted (5) CLEAN

23 Ted now arranges to settle a permanent provision (5) (E)N(D)OW


Venkatesh said...

2 Second only to dining it is a problem for restaurateurs (7) SHARING
It should be {S}{EATING}.
Pl review.

anokha said...

Yeah, messed that one up! Thanks, Venkatesh!

Venkatesh said...
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Venkatesh said...

1D should be Annatto (not ANNOTTO)
It is used both as a spice and a dyestuff.