Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9817 Thursday, April 15, 2010

Comparatively easy by Gridman's standard ....... and lots of anagrams ......


1 From where one may shout in joy (7) ROOFTOP

5 Impulse for business proposal caught in oil spillover (6) LI(BID)O*

9 Said in French to duplicate (5) DIT TO

10 Racialist fixed for being cutting (9) SATIRICAL*

11 Music maker's final letter has answer for thin material (7) ORGAN Z A

12 Disgraces contemptible types pulling back scholars (7) STIG MAS

13 Therefore women are heard (5) HENCE (~hens)

14 Ohio poll I conducted with ordinary people (3,6) HOI POLLOI*

16 Just the one to give a moral lesson (9) RIGHTEOUS

19 Sulks with leading model offering awful pose (5) M(OPES*)

21 Soft, love! I and young boy gather in rainy period (7) P LUV I AL

23 Resentment voiced by private (7) RANCOUR

24 Have on hand pickles to be distributed (9) STOCKPILE*

25 Writ by British woman (5) BR EVE

26 With precision, cattle reaches likely limits (6) DEFT LY -> NEAT LY (thanks Krishnan)

27 What pupils hating exams want? Not exactly! (4,3) TEST BAN


1 Medical practitioner finds a third-rate op is unsettling (5,9) RADIO THERAPIST*

2 One month Goan formed a figure (7) OCT(AGON*)

3 Defeat trio with a heavyweight replacing a number (7) TR(-IO)OUNCE

4 Haiti cops disperse nut (9) PISTACHIO*

5 Party symbol means a great deal to you and me (5) LOT US

6 Right, our bit contributed to a Mexican dish (7) BU(R)RITO*

7 Last month one man nearly produced in tens (7) DEC I MA L

8 One who alters features in a theatrical operation (7,7) PLASTIC SURGEON

15 Guerrilla inrush note mentioned regularly (9) IN SURGE NT

17 Sticky substance covers lettuce — it's sweet (7) GLU(COS)E

18 Disgusting to be in the Middle Eastern bush (7) TH(ICK)E T

19 Newspaper employee in — I'm lifting vehicle (7) MI NI BUS <-

20 Saw an expert is needed for a part of speech (7) PRO VERB

22 Flock to the U.S. cityit's close to many (5) LA IT Y


Krishnan said...

hi Col in his blog has 26 A as NEATLY.

Krishnan said...

One doubt, 12A - Disgraces contemptible types pulling back scholars (7) {STIG<-}{MAS} Is MAS short for scholars ?

Krishnan said...

Googling cattle, found out that one of the obsolete terms for cattle is neat !

anokha said...

Thanks, Krishnan! I rushed through this, should have pondered some more. Yes, Re Scholars - MAs!

L N Srinivasakrishnan said...

Didn't quite get 26 ac. A good puzzle regardless. Why's STIG short for 'contemptible types'?

anokha said...

26 ac NEATLY
Cattle -> NEAT
LikelY limits -> LY

–noun,plural neat.
an animal of the genus Bos; a bovine, as a cow or ox.


Contemptible types -> GITS
pulling back -> STIG
Scholars -> MAs

British Slang. a foolish or contemptible person.