Monday, April 12, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9815 Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gridman at his best - at least the best that I have tackled from him!


1 Approval for Tom's arisen (6-2) THUMBS-UP

6 Yesterday Parisian youth was excluded from ranking. Roguish! (4) (-hier)ARCH(-y) [really devilish!]

9 Agreed to a snap request? (6) SMILED (cute :)

10 Aha! Pisa produces speechlessness (7) APHASIA*

13 Proverbial worm-catcher (5,4) EARLY BIRD

14 Boy backs alien piece of music (5) MOT<-ET

15 It may be pitched (4) TENT

16 A jail-breaker's way to freedom (6,4) ESCAPE ROAD

19 Engineers come to hug writers in measure for measure (10) RE COM(PENS)E

21 Attractions church discarded are guns (4) (-CH)ARMS

24 Ban on cricketer returning with pair (5) TAB<-O O

25 Heard Australian royal has one latter part of circular (9) AU R I CULAR

26 Scramble plaint described by revamped PEN before time (7) EN(CRY)P T (crazy!!)

27 Pinch each pickpocket (6) NIP PER

28 Rank achieved by palace attendant finally (4) TIER

29 Group of men on board (5,3) CHESS SET


2 Batting feat of vandal going around Rome sections (4,3) H(OME R)UN

3 Where, to begin with, my ardent liveries await your arrival (6) M A L A Y A

4 It is subordinate to the main business (4,5) SIDE ISSUE

5 Party leader put down Highland cover (5) P LAID

7 Teacher goes north for German dish (7) RIS OTTO <- (mad!!)

8 Ticker's longing (6,6) HEART'S DESIRE

11 Village tragedy (6) HAMLET

12 Withdraw, exhausted, to a sanctuary (4,1,7) BEAT A RETREAT

17 Guarantee SA ruse can be fixed (9) ASSURANCE*

18 Incorporate half of them with son, taking in daughter (6) EM BO(D)Y (nice!)

20 Bedroom in which young boy finds lice crawling (7) CUB (ICLE*)

22 Take a job over to break the sameness (7) RELIEVE

23 Looks carefully at policeman in session without leader's backing (6) S(COP)ES

25 Frolic with worker in charge (5) ANT IC


Krishnan said...

Great to see your post again.

Krishnan said...

6 A totally out of my realm.

anokha said...

Thanks, Krishnan! Yeah 6ac was full of Gridman's tricks ......