Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9729 Friday, January 01, 2010


Nice to start the year with Gridman's crossword. Leaving a few unsolved as I have to leave for a New Year's party!


6 Worker’s words of resignation to maistry at last in times gone by (9) ANT I QUIT Y

7 She may cry “Uncle!” as stage head leaves Scene I in disarray (5) NIECE(-S)*

10 Hindu leader also recalled taunt (4) H(OOT<-)

11 No warden he – replaced without delay (4,3,3) HERE AND NOW*

12 A medical officer almost awake and randy (7) A MO ROUS(-E)

13 Front part of carriage, yet moving, threatening to collapse (7)

14 At school, small section in marked improvement (7) UP S WING

17 Inspiration for musician with repute falling off after end of note (7)

21 Started job sorting out things in a museum (6,4) OBJETS D'ART*

22 In favour of first-class meeting places (4) A YES?

23 Call bumpkin exchanging 1000 for 500 (5) YO(+D)(-K)EL

24 In no port I discharged black wine (5,4) PINOT NOIR* (what I am going to drink tonight, my favorite!)


1 Parasite worn-out in custody of pious maiden (7) PINWORM

2 Rope for artist? (7) PAINTER

3 What the aged once had but cannot boast of any longer (12) YOUTHFULNESS

4 Its call has to be answered periodically (6) NATURE

5 Antelope has young goat turning up twice (3-3)

8 Small farm frequently goes after credit (5) CR OFT

9 Acts of getting accustomed to perverse Haitians’ bout (12) HABITUATIONS*

15 Painter Picasso or Poet Neruda (5) PABLO

16 Gardening tool, small, the German retrieved (6) WEE DER

18 Master has Oriental fellows to destroy international leader (7)

19 Scope of original six lodged in cathedral stall (7)

20 Female friends in France extremely loth to starve (6) F AMIS H


Shuchi said...

Happy New Year to you too, Anokha. Do finish this crossword - there's a Nina in it! I've blogged about it too.

Shuchi said...

Links not clickable in comments? Another try....

What is a Nina?