Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9968 Friday, October 08, 2010


1 Posh turnout and reply in business centre (4,7) SHOP* COUNTER

9 Sheds last one gingerly (4-3) LEAN-TOs*

10 Beg Rex to give way for daughter and collapse (7) IMPLO(-R)(+D)E

11 Twin game (5) MATCH

12 Controlling device to be taken by soldier (9) REGULATOR

13 Money for animal (5) RHINO

15 The case for a list of securities held? (9) PORTFOLIO

18 Deceptive statement — fifty per cent of it must be false (4-5) HALF-TRUTH

21 Senseless and cruel not to sing (5) INANE

22 One to lose sleep over anything (9) INSOMNIAC

24 Hundred to save crumbling dens (5) C(AVES*)

26 City boy, entirely (7) TO(RON)TO

27 Workman Tsarina trained (7) ARTISAN*

28 Dwelling of a mathematician? Not exactly! (11) SUMMER HOUSE


1 Sailor spoils hour in Rann of Kutch, maybe (4,5) SALT MARS H

2 Circle section in picture of illusion (2,3) O(P ART)

3 Sort of razor for three players (3-6) CUT-THROAT

4 Puritans leaving one to let go and loosen (7) UNSTRAP*(-I)

5 Smart German launch (7) TRIG GER

6 Fend off the agent giving finishing touches to the deal (5) REP EL

7 Wrong? I will fetch a Mexican dish (8) TORT I'LL A

8 Fellow-listener in panic (4) F EAR

14 Badly going through American alternative that is deceptive (8) ILL US OR Y

16 Responsible fishing practice? Not exactly! (4,5) FAIR CATCH

17 Attitude of respect for revised Seneca bio (9) OBEISANCE*

19 Schoolchildren are all the same in this (7) UNIFORM

20 Cat's wandering in this placea big tract (7) HE(CTA*)RE

22 Spot rise of A B C D E F G H I (4) IOTA

23 Makes breath fresheners (5) MINTS

25 Six quiet about university festival in India (5) VI SH U


Chaturvasi said...

6 Fend off the agent giving finishing touches to the deal (5) REP EL

Here 'finishing touches to the deal' yield EL from "thE deaL", not as indicated above.

anokha said...

Thanks, Vasi Sir! And you're being kind by just pointing out one instance, Gridman got me at couple other places too :(

So, the lesson is - attempt Gridman in a hurry at your own peril :)

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