Monday, May 24, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9851 Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Way to go M. Manna ...........................


1 A company unreasonably circumscribed by design (7) PLA(TOO)N

5 Vocal disapproval from Tom or Kitty (7) CAT CALL

10 Tyrant was fortunately posted abroad (6) DESPOT*

11 Rush off from the violent youngster (8) TEAR AWAY

12 Animal demolished the fibre of the abaca plant (6) MANILA*

13 Country achieving equality in a pronounced way (8) THAILAND

14 Attended, getting the two ten out (4,2) WENT TO*

15 Hot move by sailors to make points (6) THO*(RN)S

18 It may assist the arrest of bleeding (6) STASIS*

20 A sailor is given a mark (6) TAR GET

23 The rat taking a delivery scoffed (8) A (POST) ATE

25 Tries a form of literary persiflage (6) SATIRE*

26 The container, a tin, tries to open (8) CAN(ISTER*)

27 To rush about the Home Counties can be a problem (6) T R A LEE?

28 Hanging makes little impression on writer (7) PEN DENT

29 Rent-a-party storm (7) TORN A DO


2 Make room to manoeuvre (6) LEEWAY

3 Will they entertain on only the best ships? (3,6) TOP SIDERS

4 Survive to the tenth wicket perhaps (7) OUT LAST

6 A hold-up a worker finds very hard (7) A DAM ANT

7 Method of progress that is faster in water than on land (5) CRAWL

8 Discovering that a listing is about right (8) LEA(R)NING

9 Modern painting's condition (5,2,3,3) STATE OF THE ART

16 Prepare excessively for performance of extra coach (9) OVER TRAIN

17 Sorting post, a boy can cause a hold-up (8) STOP*PAGE

19 Extremely tough fight to get a bronze (7) SPAR TAN

21 Teacher turning up with man leaving seat for food (7) RIS<-OTTO(-man)

22 "A companion of the devil” is about right (6) F(R)IEND

24 Watched to collect information (5) SPIED

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