Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9972 Wednesday, October 13, 2010


1 A long time to accept nice changes in offices (8) AG(ENCI*)ES

5 Capital Indian intelligence outfit rolled over and observed (6) WAR<-SAW

10 See old Indian coin following bits of special archaeology in tract (7) SAV ANNA

11 Disentangle twins found in a mess in the Union Territory (7) U(NTWIS*)T

12 Frenchman taking primarily isolated place for environment (6) M I LIEU

13 Hint union collapsed over remodelling of den (8) {INNU(END*)O*}

15 An exclamation that a mistake has been made (4) OOPS!

16 Support bets put out as somewhat inferior (6-4) SECOND (BEST)*

18 By which one wages every sixty minutes (6,4) HOURLY RATE

20 Stupefy cranks on their return (4) STUN<-

23 Rest in a relaxed manner after imbibing scheme for surgical procedures (8) {RE(PLAN)TS*}

24 Ramshackle, untried model leaves in a fluster (6) RUINED*(-T)

26 Some capital I announced for one possibly from Milan (7) ITALIAN

27 Not mixing with people (7) ASOCIAL

28 Rubs out and relaxes, holding end of rubber (6) E(R)ASES

29 Down to the last detail, record lady puts ad out (8) MINUTE L(-ad)Y


1 Ties to remote ham need to be sorted out — but not now! (2,4,5,4) AT SOME OTHER TIME*

2 Almost grudge Pole out to get cover (7) ENV(-y)(ELOP*)

3 Protuberant prisoner Victor departed (6) CON V EX

4 Dash from one road leading out of Ireland (4) ELAN

6 Amazes swarms by making way for bandits' leader (8) A(-B)(+ST)OUNDS

7 Well-groomed, Elizabeth goes in for a spin (7) SOIGNEE*

8 Not wasting a single moment (7,3,5) WITHOUT ANY DELAY

9 Changelings film among variety acts (9) TURN(COAT)S

14 Finer Regt. fanning out for rummaging (9) FERRETING*

17 Leave holding a small portion, even if it's minor inconvenience (4,4) FLE(A BIT)E

19 At college, every other pose in the manner of Swedish city (7) (UP)(P)(S)(A LA)

21 Half-scores I have are nerve-racking (7) TENS I'VE

22 Head of University receiving wild kudos all-round for puzzle (6) S(U)DOKU*

25 Garment in which every second of assistants came wrapped diligently (4) S A R I


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