Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9954 Wednesday, September 22, 2010

8 Guesses players on the field? (8,7) BALLPARK FIGURES

10 Detectives in an excited tussle put in hospital (7) SLEUT(H)S*

11 Ghost's description given time and again (7) SPEC T RE

12 Tony gets student's aid (4) HE(L)P

13 Many model homes have eastern exit and entrance (9) T HOUS(-E)(+AND)S

15 Retort right after one is taken in by the English (7) R (I) POST E

17 Fruit mousse with nothing brown on top (7) TAN GEL O

19 Cross limit often pointlessly for a theme (9) LEITMOTIF(-N)*

21 Clean without water (4) NEAT

24 Compound interest perhaps, return of money comes first (7) NIT<-RATE

25 Seaman I revive from memory loss (7) AMNESIA*

26 Tottenham's best player right now is unprepared (4,2,3,6) SPUR OF THE MOMENT


1 Big honour to get second Emmy at the start (5) OBE S E

2 Shear sheep to pull the wool over one's eyes (6) FLEECE

3 Unusually happiest memories that are set in stone (8) EPITAPHS*

4 Go over to the other side, to religious symbol and article with St. (5,3,6) CROSS THE STREET

5 Rues beheading birds (6) (-R)EGRETS

6 Charade about time and money going around (8) P RE TENSE

7 One who expresses surprise with number one's comeback on parting grand slam (9) ASPERS(I ON<-)

9 One who is uncomfortable, who fears outfit that is shady (4,3,2,5) FISH OUT OF WATER

14 Doctor on round taking one out of malady with wit (9) DR O (-I)LLNESS

16 Input rot, ridiculous output (8) PRINTOUT*

18 Sister's bringing one in midday with fracture that won't heal (8) NO(NUN I)ON

20 Notice animal sound outside a hayfield (6) ME(AD)OW

22 A new promise to bring out a solution (6) A N SWE(-A)R

23 Place it within the common class (5) CASTE


Krishnan said...

21A can you please elaborate ? Did you see the setter's name today ? Another new setter.

Col_Gopinath said...


21A is a double definition

Krishnan said...

Thanks a lot Colonel, neat as in not diluted, not mixed.

Hasan said...
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Hasan said...

that's laity, not caste

anokha said...

@Krishnan: Yup, change is good!

@Col: Thanks a ton for doing the yeoman's job so selflessly while I'm fast asleep!

@Hasan: Agree!