Friday, October 1, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9963 Saturday, October 02, 2010


1 Meaningless promise finally by a politician on both sides of the territory (5) E(MP)(TY)

4 For example, it's back up after an artist includes a rare new format (7) AR (R) AN (GE<-)

10 Hold up on the road to seize control (6) HIJACK

11 Offspring in church has a limited friendly role (8) CH {(-F)ILDREN(-Y)*}

13 Stop adult players in action (8) P(A)RALYSE*

14 Popular princess will match the blue shade (6) IN DI GO

16 Observe an owl heartlessly retreating in the hollow tree in front (4) {L(-W)O<-}{O(-A)K} (what a convoluted clue for such a simple word!)

17 One girl is injured in this phase of journey (10) P (I)(LGRI*) M AGE

20 Rebels look at the vile merchant (10) BOOKSELLER*

21 Express regret for the worker holding a duck (4) M(O)AN

24 To shake the bolt attachment of a tent in half (6) NUT A (TE)

26 Forcibly take an American outside on a small hill in astonishment (8) SU<- R PRISE

28 Paying little attention to in organising a party (8) IGNORANT

29 Go, lend a hand briefly at the holy place (6) BETHEL

30 Senior lawyer is in the bank with the royal badge (7) BENCHER

31 Drop the remnants finally to cover a bit of eatables (5) S LID E


2 Chief steward has important work for the doctor (9) MAJOR DO MO

3 Take hold of the pulley (6) TACKLE

5 Extra hut to hide the demon (4) RAHU

6 An ocean can tilt a structure (8) ATLANTIC*

7 Mostly got the rare skin to peel in the city (5) GO(-T) R (-S)KI(-N)

8 Character from the Spanish oratory (6) CHAP EL

9 Popular approach towards money earned (6) IN COME

12 Small bone possibly is close (7) OSSICLE*

15 Inspector General removes the odd pieces from the numerous kinds of rocks (7) IG NEOUS

18 Got rid of the sailor with a regular tool kit in the outhouse (9) AB O L I SHED

19 Secret coteries are in a fix (8) ESOTERIC*

20 Keep out the Democratic leader from an Italian robber (6) BAN D IT

22 Sharp point (6) NEEDLE

23 How's that? (6) APPEAL

25 A trace of a colour (5) TINGE

27 First word in a fairy tale (4) ONCE


Venkatesh said...

26 Forcibly take an American outside on a small hill in astonishment (8) SU<- R PRISE
The anno is
forcibly take USURP
an Amerian outside -U
on a small hill RISE
Defn: in astonishment - ([-u]SURP)(RISE)

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