Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9967 Thursday, October 07, 2010


1 Sen's lute play is unmusical (8) TUNELESS*

5 Must bear without hesitation (6) SHOULD(-ER)

9 In maths, its two sides are the same (8) EQUATION

10 Book journalist with secret listening device — might be an unwelcome hotel visitor (6) B ED BUG

12 Leave me out of some home in London location (4) SO HO

13 Yum! A little preparation in the end (10) ULTIMATELY*

15 Field officer's left base tail (6) FO L LOW

17 Father's guarantee about Latin dance (5) P{O(L)K}A

20 Fellows on radio appearance (5) GUISE (~guys)

21 Los Angeles strike-breaker holding one rope (6) LA R(I)AT

24 Shakeout or reorganisation in east Asian republic (5,5) SOUTH KOREA*

27 Sound reflection by primaries of Erode company's head office (4) E C H O

29 Use former writer to start dialogue (6) EX PEN D

30 Record holder a HUF head in old city (8) DJ A KARTA(-H)

31 Account book showing advantage in two sides (6) L(EDGE)R

32 Mind a yet-to-go-off explosive (8) DYNAMITE*


1 Diminutive youth on the boundaries of Surrey (6) TEEN SY

2 Leader of Naxalites must come to nothing (6) N(OUGHT)

3 Instrument, say, to plunder (4) LUTE (~loot)

4 Grimace and barge on the learner (5) SCOW L

6 Animal desire within the limits of Hazra (5) H(YEN)A

7 University doctor about to put everybody back in shade (8) U MB RE (LLA<-)

8 Take-away for the pet (5-3) DOGGY-BAG

11 A number on a pitcher for the inspector (6) VI EWER

14 Final letter on ultimately fertile area (4) Z ON E

16 See a couple of learners work and idle (6) LO LL OP

17 Scheme to cut the root of an elder, perhaps (4) PLAN(-T)

18 What an omelette-maker will discard (8) EGGSHELL

19 Canine's neighbour? (8) BICUSPID

22 Corfiot no fellow to tremble on duty (6) OCTROI(-F)*

23 Revolutionary on the rise for a period in soup (6) POT<-AGE

25 Away! Fence no fellow to get hot (5) (+H)(-F)ENCE

26 Jone goes round with a bit of yen to have a ball (5) ENJO*(Y)

28 Fine radish woman discarded for lady's fingers (4) OK RA(-DISH)

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