Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9853 Thursday, May 27, 2010


1 Agree about its being in keeping (10) CONS(IST*)ENT

6 Church in charge appears to have style (4) CH I C

9 Personal end achieved last month with no difficulty (7) DEC EASE

10 Calling for minis — so adaptable (7) MISSION*

12 For the animal, the tide's being out made it easier (8) ASS (ISTED*)

13 Stay in Lincoln — I would (5) AB(I'D)E

15 English to land in South Africa for an antelope (5) E LAND

17 No odd vocal part can be preserved by keeping things unruffled (4,5) EVEN TENOR

19 Action to be taken about land taken away (9) DE(TRACT)ED

21 Old continental gold coin (5) DUCAT

23 Domestic cover needed at some stages (5) APRON

24 I'm sorry father is against modern innovations (6,2) PA(RDON ME*)

27 Buy for and mop up the tear the tot shed (5,2) TREAT TO*

28 Loves catching the train to go off to somewhere overseas (7) O(NTARI*)O

29 You may be hurt if you look for her (4) RUTH*

30 Where Moses learnt his tables (5,5) MOUNT SINAI


1 Olympic runner about died — trying to break it perhaps (4) CO(D)E

2 Capital I invested in building casino (7) NICOS(I)A*

3 I raised another question initially with one Middle Easterner (5) I R A Q I

4 Behaviour to a patient (9) TREATMENT

5 Traveller with Damon in trouble (5) NOMAD*

7 Creolised language spoken in former French colony (7) HAITIAN

8 Study a secret arrangement to sanctify a place, maybe (10) CON(SECRATE*)

11 Heavenly body that Ted was surprised to see (7) STAR TED

14 He has to replan terms ahead (10) HEADMASTER*

16 Systematic police search for a criminal (7) DRAGNET

18 Duck landed for cover (9) EIDER DOWN

20 Rubbish thrown up and torn in a rush (7) TOR<-RENT

22 Easy to recognize him as he arrived with Ron (7) CAME RON

24 Shot warm-hearted to visionary tourist (5) P(HOT)O

25 Place hats in ring in making truth statements (5) O(ATHS*)

26 Desert American serviceman died in (4) G(OB)I

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