Friday, October 8, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9969 Saturday, October 09, 2010


1 British fashion designer holding a drive for part of a circle (8) QU(A DR)ANT

6 Enthusiasm for last letter by each learner (4) Z EA L

9 Catch parent on the move (6) ENTRAP*

10 Choke on bit of boiled vegetable (3,4) (POT HER)B

13 A mere door, perhaps, through which the jet set goes (9) AERODROME*

14 Broadcasting very happily (2,3) ON AIR

15 Cut a cross journalist (4) A X ED

16 It keeps one buoyant (4,6) LIFE JACKET

19 Boy's right! Guess what a young girl may want to flaunt (4,6) T(R)IM FIGURE

21 Turn to Victor, always! (4) V EER

24 Lord Siva's vehicle (5) NANDI

25 Where lightning is said to strike twice (4,5) SAME PLACE

26 Dorian's carried out raids (7) INROADS*

27 Novelist has a point on perfume base (6) N ORRIS

28 Publicity in North America for elemental music in India (4) N(AD)A

29 Not the one to utter an ‘aye' (8) NAYSAYER


2 Weaken some gunner venturesomely (7) UNNERVE

3 Mock eiderdown — not own and worn-out (6) DERIDE*(-OWN)

4 Thinking well of Andhra Pradesh corroborating (9) AP PROVING

5 Home of the brave? (5) TEPEE

7 One might rely on it to save many a sight (3,4) EYE BANK

8 Testing facilities (12) LABORATORIES

11 Involving give-and-take on a kind of street? (3-3) TWO-WAY

12 Be wary of PTA tie Antony established (3,9) PAY ATTENTION*

17 Operative Rae, new one in my accommodation, to get wages (4,5) EAR*N M(ONE)Y

18 Continent where aircraft is hovering without right (6) AFRICA*(-RT)

20 Paid no attention to eroding ground (7) IGNORED*

22 Woman holding up entry form is dodgy (7) EV(ASIV<-)E

23 Ancient city section in South Africa (6) S(PART)A

25 Poles go around the States for a woman (5) S(USA)N


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