Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9956 Friday, September 24, 2010


1 Sworn statement by confused diva caught in a c'convulsion (9) A (F'FI(DAVI*)T

5 A craze with bridge players gradually disappears (5) FAD E S

8 American author who would send letters (6) MAILER

9 Great agitation for those who follow postal code (8) TAILS PIN
11 A sound comeback? (4) ECHO

12 Good, masterful steering needed in ocean current (4,6) G(ULF STREAM*)

14 A warning from the ticker! (5) ALARM

15 Leader liable to be held by murderer (7) C(APT)AIN

16 Creature, part worker, part big cat (7) ANT LION

17 Girl, bit of a siren at large (5) IRENA

19 A sound system of diagnosis (10) SONOGRAPHY

20 Stake reversed on mount (4) ETNA<-

22 Can a boil be cured by this kind of hormone? (8) ANABOLIC*

23 Engineer seized and observed (6) BE HELD

24 Alien artist bearing a cross in a run (5) E(X)T RA

25 Dividend for the one in half, say (9) NUMERATOR


1 Fighting forces get a sign to go around top of mountain (6) AR(M)IES

2 Escape? Go with worker, one serving travellers (6,9) FLIGHT ATTEND(ANT)

3 Rajan and Sajan Misra in action (4) DUET

4 But it may still work when vehicle movement is not heavy (7,5) TRAFFIC LIGHT

5 For a writing instrument, bend, flatten pipe, take out article (4-3,3) FELT-TIP PEN(-A)*

6 A home in which to relax? Patent dump, spruced up! (6,9) DUPLEX APARTMENT*

7 Beware, he may throw dust in your eyes (7) SANDMAN

10 Increase in the amount of guano, it meant trouble (12) AUGMENTATION*

13 Used in cookery by a bachelor ruler, preparing dosa (6,4) BA KING (SODA*)

16 Reduce the suffering of a wise one going around America the wrong way (7) A S(SU<-)AGE

18 Place to keep foodFrench and German articles – around top of refrigerator (6) LA (R) DER

21 Costly pet (4) DEAR

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