Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9952 Monday, September 20, 2010



1 Left stranded? Back off, go down to the left, followed by right, left, left, left (6) BARREN? (BARRED?)

4 Saint going around in an old Indian kingdom (8) NI<-CHOLAS

10 Draft study plan (9) CON SCRIPT

11 The seven sisters from India escape a famine incited by criminals (5) MAFIA(-ne)*

12 Tired – having lost right at the beginning (4) D(-R)AWN

13 Nothing to write about infiltrating cult – It's known to all (4,6) O PEN SEC(RE)T

15 We transfer electronic bits to use this! (7) WE (BSIT*) E

16 Work without pressure, like a professional (6) EX PERT

19 Lovers of the Italian geneticist (6) MEN DE L

21 Extravagant country of the Turkish dynasty (7) OTTOMAN

23 Perhaps, someone like Lenin would excitedly solve this brainteaser at first (10) B(OLSHEVIST*)

25 Landmass has dissolved? Nothing odd about it (4) I S L E

27 Playboy's finally marrying a cheat (5) RO(G)UE

28 Abuse Charlie in annex (9) ADDI(C)TION

29 Good leader's shaggy dog (8) AI (REDALE*)

30 Disheartened Tennyson composed this poem (6) SONNET(-ny)*


1 Withdraw as student's left black and blue (4,4) B(-L)ACK DOWN

2 Soldiers revolutionary uprising in island is something that can be recreated (9) RENEWABLE

3 Deal with a particular type of person (4) EACH

5 Great selection of print ensemble (7) INTENSE

6 Latin man's method has cut short time for a doctor (10) HOMO EO(-n) PATH

7 Being king, he may be in prison for a long time (5) LIFE R

8 Fight with army in a Greek city (6) SPAR TA

9 Bohemian joint that's conserving power (6) HIP (P) IE

14 What a driver may face when his swindle's unravelled (10) WINDSHIELD

17 Forgiveness of sin is more treacherous (9) REMISSION

18 Trainee starts to enjoy this surfers' paradise (8) INTERN E T

20 Message for world peace at the start of a tennis game? (4-3) LOVE-ALL

21 Playing eleven can score a goal from this position (6) ONSIDE

22 Russian region's not south of the European peninsula (6) (-S)IBERIA

24 A winter sport athlete's pistol (5) LUGER

26 Sophocles regularly wrote about this nymph (4) E C H O<-

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