Friday, September 24, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9957 Saturday, September 25, 2010


1 Document about important organ is handed over (9) DE(LIVER)ED

5 Dictator loses direction where buses are kept (5) DE(-S)POT

8 Members vying with each other — for destructive power (4,4) ARMS RACE

9 Chicken in the making, say (6) EMBRYO

11 Close to the davit, aperture that holds the oar (5) THOLE

12 In a sentence, it may mean reduction (9) REMISSION

13 Preserve a way with a misleading fabrication (6) CAN A RD

14 Male voice that may cut out one strange note (8) BAR I (TONE*)

16 Would a team yearn for such a glance? (8) SIDE LONG

18 Visible feature in a spectacle (6) ASPECT

22 A French editor catches stable boy for not being smartly turned out (9) UN GROOM ED

23 Motivate member wearing garland wrong way round (5) I(MP)EL<-

24 Set of people, including wife, become mature (4,2) {GRO(W) UP}

25 A growth right by a racecourse (4-4) R(AIN TREE)

26 Old German ship with men of French build (5) EM(DE)N*

27 Dish for cooking cereals, outsize (9) CAS(S)ER(O)LE*


1 Playing cards? It can be rigorous (7) DRAS(TI)C*

2 Satire provides light on love being hidden (7) LAMP (O) ON

3 A spineless one lacks it (9,6) VERTEBRAL COLUMN

4 What often gets broken in sport (6) RECORD

5 The subject for ‘daily study'! (8,7) DOMESTIC SCIENCE

6 Riot cop stumbles at entrance to building (7) PORTICO*

7 Severely beat as would a heartless teacher with a cat (7) TR OUNCE

10 Mother gets name in capital (5) AMMA N

15 Little old man missing second in full DNA sequence (5) G(-E)NOME

16 Evade duty perhaps (7) SMUGGLE

17 Comic character whom a good wife and daughter upset (7) D A G(W)OOD*

19 Grass found in the Pyrenees part of Spain (7) ES PART O

20 Flammable liquid with a funny blue tone, no black in it (7) TOLUENE(-B)*

21 Notions about dawn of love become standards of perfection (6) IDEA(L)S

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