Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9958 Monday, September 27, 2010


1 Boat race for a great time in the making! (7) (REGAT*) T A

5 Term promissory notes as open to doubt (7) DUB IOUs

9 A friend, a means of going up on board ship (9,6) COMPANION LADDER

10 What is accepted in a trendy scene shot in one go (6) IN TAKE

11 It goes to prove guilt — or innocence (8) EVIDENCE

13 Bons vivants sure to scamper after a long story (8) EPIC (URES*)

15 Lodging for worker, outwardly modest (6) SH(ANT)Y

18 They are needed to ensure production (6) INPUT

19 Garment worn by people who provoke after a time (8) T ROUSERS

22 The measure of a jester's hat (5,3) FOOL'S CAP

24 Good man, free, strays to rot away (6) FE(ST)ER*

27 Important part of airport? True, large, done up afresh (9,6) DEPARTURE LOUNGE*

28 On European soil our destinations include this place of pilgrimage (7) LOURDES
29 Measure of disorder in funny new poetry (7) E(N)TROPY*


1 Lean back and find a place of learning on track (7) REC LINE

2 Range displayed by Greek character immersed in a bit of music (5) G {A(M)UT}

3 Athletes' wear shows marks left by clubs, say (9) TRACK SUIT

4 The central part of an alliance (4) AXIS

5 Starting afresh from Latin (2,4) DE NOVO

6 To come down to earth after end of climb is boring (5) B(LAND) (cute!)

7 Order for weapons to protect capital of Italy (9) ORD(I)NANCE

8 Pitifully bad to involve chief engineer in black magic (7) SOR(CE)RY

12 To seek charity is a bad beginning, say (3) BEG

14 Spontaneous in saying one's on time, for all to see (9) I'M PROMPT U

16 A dwelling that hobo's auntie, dropping in, violated (9) HOUSEBOAT*(-IN)

17 Mineral with monetary value in Norway (3) ORE

18 A non-believer in life, daughter reformed (7) INFI(D)EL*

20 The knife treatment (7) SURGERY

21 Principles of a suave Liberal translated (6) VA(L)UES*

23 A tiny piece of something right in the outhouse (5) SH(R)ED

25 Brown to leave for a dance (5) TAN GO

26 Give up a part of your space de facto (4) CEDE

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