Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9960 Wednesday, September 29, 2010


1 It maintains temperature in a storm that rages around the east (10) TH(E)RMOSTAT*

7 Old place in the South-east, no doubt about it (4) S(UR)E

9 A crane collapsing is difficult to understand (6) ARCANE*

10 Look back in exotic Venice and see use of force (8) VI(OL<-)ENCE*

11 It tells you how far you have gone (8) ODOMETER

12 Leaving out hint of rhetoric in a passage from the book (6) EXCE(-R)PT

13 Break in a ritual covering telepathy (7) R(ESP)ITE

16 Would a goat ail, however, from this pain? (7) OTALGIA*

17 Kind of writing as may be left by a spinner? (7) SPIDERY

19 Show disrespect for admirer beginning to exasperate (7) PRO FAN E

22 Greeting one with a sausage (6) SALAM I

23 Needy policeman figuring in an order (8) IND(IG)ENT

26 Suspicion about a girl's property arrangement (8) DI'S TRUST

27 One of those preferred by gentlemen? (6) BLONDE

28 Old author revealed in a spring evening (4) INGE

29 She saw what happened! (10) EYEWITNESS


2 Such help needs to be paid for (5) HIRED

3 A pro mad about a travellers' guide (4,3) ROAD MAP*

4 Love, green, is not hidden (5) O VERT

5 Make a statement in a southern state about a public house (6) T(AVER)N

6 Vehicle built by a swotter with energy (3-6) TWO-SEAT(E)R*

7 Design for a kind of gun insurers rejected (7) STEN CIL<-

8 Welcome do (9) RECEPTION

14 Atonement by former detective followed by performance without a trace of conscience (9) EX PI A(-C)TION

15 True pundit, nameless, troubled by depravity (9) TURPITUDE(-N)*

18 One conscripted, a floater in a river (7) D(RRAFT)EE

20 It provides a warning to ships in low visibility (7) FOGHORN

21 What necessity may be turned into (6) VIRTUE

24 State what sounds like an entreaty to shoppers (5) DU BAI (~ do buy)

25 Lumps formed by electrodes with top removed (5) (-A)NODES

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