Monday, September 27, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9959 Tuesday, September 28, 2010


1 In company, male, very emotional, is inclined to pity (13) CO M PASSIONATE

10 Sweet smell of a grain in the land of perfumes (9) FR(A GR)ANCE

11 Seductive women against accepting current measure (5) V(AMP)S

12 Flier lacking top growth in America? (5) (-BALD) EAGLE

13 See you later....! (9) ... ALLIGATOR!

14 Become fashionable, go to bed (4,2) TURN IN

16 Semiprecious stone is a barrier (5) A GATE

19 Unhealthily thin creature, a bit glum, bends back (5) SCRA<-G

20 Very large number starting descent into port (6) OS TEN D

25 Fliers use it to make a change about duration (9) AL(TIME)TER

26 Old official seen here before evening (5) REEVE

27 Cause of trouble — a soprano in treatment (5) CUR(S)E

28 He introduces new ideas when, in the hostelry, eggs rot somehow (9) INN OVA (TOR*)

29 See the church cat go crazy for some food (7,6) COTTAGE (C)HEES(E)*
2 In the outskirts of Ooty, forest official finds a greenhouse (8) O(RANGER)Y

3 It holds rupees perhaps, with a bit taken off (5) PURSE(-E)*

4 Browning on exposure to big star (6) SUN TAN

5 Beliefs that the French yogi, on demand, spells out (8) I{(D)E(O)L}OGY*

6 The worth of stock that one computer magnate manages to sail with (9) NAV I GATES

7 Entices casual worker with hollow truths (6) TEMP TS

8 There has to be a cause for it (6) EFFECT

9 Take over by force when you surprise one inside (5) USURP

15 Trendy as well as corrupt, he holds the post (9) IN CUM BENT (nice!)

17 Wielding the willow, getting in fifty and fighting (8) BATT(L)ING

18 Notes about ten different reminders of the past (8) MEM(ENT*)OS

21 “If your morals make you __, depend on it, they are wrong” (R.L.Stevenson (6) DREARY

22 Music of the month (5) MARCH

23 In which one hears more than one speaker (6) STEREO (cute!)

24 Aiming at peace can inspire niceness to an extent (6) IRENIC

26 Light entertainment is always backed around university (5) REV(U)E<-