Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9955 Thursday, September 23, 2010


1 String of wordsnot involving a rigorous stretch? (6,8) SIMPLE SENTENCE

8 One needing oxygen for the energy to cure the English bore beginning to extemporise (6) A E (ROBE*)

9 Officer and worker accept award from resident (8) OC (CUP) ANT

11 Should a voter care, however, to show an exaggerated response? (9) OVERREACT*

12 Food carried by cautious US hikers (5) SUSHI

13 Journalist, outwardly more than satisfied, is put to sleep (7) S(ED)ATED

15 Imitate and try to match a bird tardily (7) EMU LATE

17 The aloofness of a stand-by (7) RESERVE

19 Courageous, like Manekshaw perhaps (7) BAHADUR

21 If damp, it will be a disappointment (5) SQUIB

23 Draw attention to superior brightness (9) HIGH LIGHT

25 Expound notes by writer (8) D E SCRIBE

26 Position assumed when girl is ousted from intervening space (6) (-DI)STANCE

27 The Marx Brothers at Mahalaxmi! (1,3,2,3,5) A DAY AT THE RACES


1 Areas of darkness created by a daughter in public displays (7) SH(A D)OW

2 Regret dropping note in a sort of code (5) (-RE)MORSE

3 A Simon Bolivar in orbit: real funny (9) LIBERATOR*

4 It could be black in a formal dinner (7) NECKTIE

5 Ladies' bags to suit English design (5) E(TUIS*)

6 Where clothes may go hang (4,5) COAT STAND

7 Workers' protest, a hit (6) STRIKE

10 Poet reportedly not admitted (4) BARD (~barred)

14 Deliberately concealed, or did I guess wrong? (9) DISGUISED*

16 To pad furniture hurts Pole badly (9) UPHOLSTER*

17 Stay and get note on team (6) RE SIDE

18 Public display of a piece of evidence (7) EXHIBIT

19 Sacks for silver in the outskirts of Bahamas (4) B(AG)S

20 Contemptible people get time in rebuilt resort (7) ROT(T)ERS*

22 Rather foolish to leave weapon in empty buggy (5) B(ARM)Y

24 Information one beginning to comprehend relating to a factor in heredity (5) GEN I C

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