Friday, September 17, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9951 Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quite an easy one by Neyartha's standards ...........................


1 Witty doctor indulges voter (6-7) SILVER-TONGUED* (nice!)

9 Vendor's distinguishing symbol around the golf ball holder (9) MARKE(TEE)R

10 Herald conservative replacement for Bishop Rose (5) CRIER

11 Executioner with Indian intoxicant needs no introduction to the staff (7) (-B)HANG MAN

13 Days marked by peace and prosperity, for example (7) HALCYON

14 Revolution brought to notice by Mark on the radio (5) WHEEL (~WEAL)

15 Larders in Florida missing colourful insects (9) BUTTER(-FL)IES

17 Display of purls done in new fashion (9) SPLENDOUR*

18 Dissatisfied? Dispute date advancement softly (3,2) (FED U*)P

20 Element of revolutionary advantage with hospital adjoining old town (7) SULP<- H UR

22 Master starting ocean cruise with the company of a North African wind (7) SIR OC CO

23 Support for artist reduced by the Liberal taking over from the Democrat (5) EASE(-D)(+L)

24 One trained in a scientific field makes this spicy concoction (9) PHYSICIST*

26 Book of tables prepared by accountant (5,8) READY RECKONER


1 Courts overturn besieging of border retreat against all odds (7) SO(MEH<-)OW<-

2 75 per cent of the organ-gallery accommodated items related to the windpipe (9) LARYNGEAL*(-ORG)

3 First lady (3) EVE

4 Promotional ploy making an appearance during the sortieing (3-2) TIE-IN

5 Short rant about Polaris (5,4) NORTH STAR*

6 Everyone admitted to unforced error being needless (8-3) UNC(ALL)ED-FOR*

7 Lifted gloomy imprisoned single with unknown flower (5) DA(I)S<-Y

8 Software Nash provided for the domains (6) ARENAS

12 Style of bodice in Massachusetts leading to extreme depression (11) M(ELAN)(CHOLI)A {no indicator for Indian bodice?}

15 Life story's list of references lacked blog link identifiers initially (9) BI(-BLI)OGRAPHY

16 Bring in charged particle to create this electrical phenomenon (9) INDUCT ION

17 A convent member's relative (6) SISTER

19 Student enlisted by Harry of Hogwarts to find the cabalist (7) P(L)OTTER

21 Cutting tool with bridge player confiscated by upset official (5) LA(S)ER

22 Kind expression (5) STYLE

25 Caught including abbreviated sign (3) INK

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