Monday, May 17, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9845 Tuesday, May 18, 2010


1 Rough-and-ready method by Tom's dictum? (4,2,5) RULE OF THUMB

9 They pull undergarments (7) DRAWERS

10 One boy back with another at the far end of ledge to remove covering (7) DIS<-ROB E

11 To a specified time peacekeepers get oil (5) UN TIL

12 PTA cheery about a perfect example (9) ARCHETYPE*

13 Give a dirty look to some of the bellowers (5) LOWER

15 Shame! Dhonis veered off! Quarter of an hour lost! (9) DISHON*(-h)OUR

18 They keep shops smartened in a certain manner (9) TRADESMEN*

21 Company raised rejected rodent (5) CO YPU

22 Young German gamely abandoned a broken playground equipment (6,3) JUNG{LE GYM(-a)*}

24 Caused injury by removing top with weapons (5) (-H)ARMED

26 Act with college head following ‘stop' order on a kind of research (7) POST*DO C

27 One who depletes to fall in the German case (7) D(RAIN)ER

28 His pic Colin morphed is inside the PC (7,4) SILICON CHIP*


1 Communist to ponder over alien fish (3,6) RED MULL ET

2 Less than less (5) LEAST

3 Bigger than big (9) OVERLARGE

4 One who would wax eloquent over models, presumably (7) TUSSAUD

5 And the German, to sock pieces away, moves out (7) UND(OCKS*)

6 Criticise and wildly stab at one finally (5) BAST*E

7 Plump pudding (4-4) ROLY-POLY

8 First of samples, before it's withered (4) S ERE

14 By-no-means a strong vice (8) WEAKNESS

16 Canoeinga sport for another time (4,5) ONCE AGAIN* (nice!)

17 It brings you to where you began the journey (5,4) ROUND TRIP

19 Wonderful wise men raise a large amount (7) MAGI (CAL<-)

20 Itinerant, sane, leaders of Indian culture (7) NO MAD I C (Gridman-> Mad Grin* :)

22 Yes, in Germany, primarily puerile English quip (4) JA P E

23 Ditches fifty poems (5) L ODES

25 Insect hovers around Pole for a period (5) MO(N)TH

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