Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9832 Monday, May 03, 2010


1 Disjointed nonsense is swallowed by agent (7) S(CRAP)PY

5 A kiss for a dollar! (7) SMACKER

10 Rope that was her undoing (6) HAWSER*

11 It can heat a room but cool an engine (8) RADIATOR

12 Pay no attention to one blood-soaked knight (6) I G(N)ORE

13 New moon, light weight, seen in design on clothes (8) (MONO*) GRAM

14 Burke or Hillary (6) EDMUND

15 Successfully complete clearing taint after initiation of arraignment (6) A (TTAIN*)

18 Containing nitrogen (6) NITRIC

20 French lady gets me across a weir (6) M(A DAM)E

23 Exercise control, take a break before fall (8) REST RAIN

25 Place in society given by sculpture-a change at last! (6) STATU(-E)(+S)

26 A worm in a position of leadership? Thin joke! (8) HELM (INTH*)

27 Aromatic stuff from a part of the sea, a spirit (3,3) BAY RUM

28 Lacking creativity but clean enough for surgery (7) STERILE

29 Mr. German at home with good fish (7) HERR IN G


2 Switch coins (6) CHANGE

3 The cops maybe looking for him (9) ABSCONDER

4 An upstart hit back with Gopal's flute (7) (PAR<-) VENU

6 Famous singer crazy about North America (7) MAD ON NA

7 Loud noise made by leaders in class lustily announcing new guidelines (5) C L A N G

8 Intense love of oneself with image on a roll (8) EGOMANIA*

9 A liqueur that Met-men cheered wildly (5,2,6) CREME DE MENTHE*

16 Twain's adventurous hero (3,6) TOM SAWYER

17 Hope for a drowning man (8) LIFEVEST

19 One of many for the viewers' entertainment on TV (7) CHANNEL

21 Bad lies that could somehow incapacitate one (7) DISABLE*

22 The season of decline in America? (6) AUTUMN

24 Is it right to leave out ‘uprising' in an island? (5) (TIMO<-) R

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