Friday, May 7, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9837 Saturday, May 08, 2010

No point saying anything ...............................


1 Kind of bridge that will tilt with one handle (10) CANT I LEVER

9 Anyway follow the witch with the weapon (6) HAG BUT

10 Regular valuation of the moving car (10) A U T O MOBILE

11 Heard you look in Africa (6) UGANDA

12 Hand over the company to the new Chief Engineer of the French (7) CO N CE DE

16 Dance in a moment (5) FLASH

17 Eleven limited fans in the city (4) XI AN

18 Detached the limb of one plant (5) (BIML*)I

19 Literary name (5) TITLE

20 The interval is expressed in the feet (4) GAPS? (rift? half?)

21 Nosey kind of an English poet (5) NOYES*

22 Left in to stay conditionally after one researcher (7) AN {A(L)YST*)

27 Look for the time out with an idler (6) LO AF(-T)ER

29 Bad character of the demon (4,6) EVIL SPIRIT

30 Implied the caption without it (6) SUBT(-IT)LE

31 The first thing the doctor may do every morning in the hospital (5,5) DAILY ROUND


2 Water colour (4) AQUA

3 Place over the right hot region (6) T(R)OPIC

4 Robbed appliance returned to Edward (6) LOOT<-ED

5 Lives through face covers (5) VEILS*

6 Watery discharge he extracted from the drink (5) R(HE)UM

7 Jolly sailor will undauntedly analyse most of the dues left (10) AB UNDA(-U)NT(-ED)LY

8 Extra friendship (10) ATTACHMENT

12 Kind of accommodations for ordinary ones (5,5) CABIN CLASS

13 Weak person is regularly near the doctor at the end of the day with the girl at hand (5,5) NA MB Y PAM BY

14 Somehow tax each refugee (5) EXPAT? (exact? exert?)

15 Most of the oil is from the tree (5) BALSA(m oil) ?

23 Always in the two poles with an agreement to contradict (6) N(AY)S(AY)

24 Local Authority has money for the head officer from the United States (6) L A (TIN) O

25 Raise a family (5) BREED

26 Minimum religious education, I know is a kind of treatment (5) R E I K I

28 A cat is left in around a hole (4) L I(O)N

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