Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9846 Wednesday, May 19, 2010


1 Girl's training men on safety-first electrical devices (8) ADA PT OR S

6 A great many development units (4) LOTS

9 Some of the best RAF engineers attack from the air (6) ST(RAF)E(-b)

10 Mate rejects objection to a kind of washing machine (4-3) TWIN-TUB<-

13 Listen secretly: ladies heard to prod weirdly (9) EAVES(~eves)DROP*

14 She will take and revise notes (9) STENO*

15 What an ivory-poacher may look for (4) TUSK

16 In section, prying police's overlooking one package deliverable by mail (6,4) PARCEL POST

19 Thin fights over work period (5,5) NIGHT SHIFT*

21 Big star Bard's river reflected (4) NOVA<-

24 Chekhov the writer, for one (5) ANTON

25 Mistake in supervision (9) OVERSIGHT

26 Nil parent puzzled at work (7) O(PERANT*)

27 Put a couple of letters in search engine for laundry additive (6) B(L U)ING

28 Perched back on top of kiosk for a difficult job (4) TAS<-K

29 French capitalist? (8) PARISIAN (smart!)


2 Sort of cases District Superintendent involves upstart Evita in (7) D(ATIVE*)S

3 Party leader to step up for tribute (6) P RAISE

4 Outwit Rev. Horace somehow (9) OVERREACH*

5 Pay attention to ab exercise? (3,2) SIT UP

7 Constantly moving, he got no break (2,3,2) ON THE GO*

8 Not the main business agreements (12) SUBCONTRACTS

11 One new single boot part (6) I N SOLE

12 Falling into illness but not confined to bed? (7,5) SETTING ABOUT

17 Brown's restriction on where you may get a refreshing drink (6,3) COFFEE BAR

18 Poem unit's function variable in appeal (6) S(TAN)(Z)A

20 Picks up information on gun belonging to the woman (7) G AT HER S

22 Material for The Hindu, say, on Zambia? (7) ORGAN ZA

23 Questions about offspring succeeded (6) ISSUE S

25 Available: old books on Andhra Pradesh (2,3) O (N T) AP

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