Monday, May 3, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9833 Tuesday, May 04, 2010


1 In a dark winter, gin cocktail — it is essential for life (8,5) DRINKING WATER*

9 Such good weather for an Attlee (7) CLEMENT

10 Listener's protection against noise (7) EAR PLUG

11 It goes under a patient in the wards built around the east (4-5) (DRAW-S*)(HE(E)T)

12 A rare monkey in Bahrain driven away, is (5) INDRI

13 …small and pretty but is not found in Benin (6) DAINTY (Fat Mouse)

14 Lack of vitality is a hindrance to Henry, angry about losing name (8) LET H A(-n)GRY

17 A possible cause of deflation (8) PUNCTURE

19 New clues solved by relatives (6) U(N)CLES*

23 Come round once more for a new cure? Right (5) (RECU*)R

25 A Parisian perhaps (9) FRENCHMAN

26 A species more hostile, more pungent (7) SPICIER

27 Live around university with what is left (7) RESID(U)E

28 Illness of a Berliner, say, seems a large hoax (6,7) GERMAN (MEASLES*)


1 Unmistakeable action traps detectives (7) DE(CID)ED

2 Repetition that everyone avoided in “sing a song of sixpence'', for example (9) ITERATION

3 Where bills may be passed in Israel (7) KNESSET

4 Intensive chat involving singer King Cole and Terence cut short (6) NAT TER

5 Dara Singh was one (8) WRESTLER

6 A lake is hard to spoil (7) TARN IS H

7 What a king might have done with this kind of paper (5) RULED

8 Something to stand on if one would like to demand respect (7) DIGNITY

15 Part played by one on catwalk, one worthy of imitating (4,5) ROLE MODEL

16 Kind of invoice sent by Royal Mail, a proof spelt out (3,5) PRO FO(R M)A*

17 Umbrella for a special trooper, big star (7) PARA SOL

18 Dog, one that perseveres to hide hesitation (7) T(ER)RIER

20 Capital for casino, I suspect (7) NICOSIA*

21 Poems portraying boy with reversed gun (7) SON (NETS<-)

22 Migraine that makes setter gloomy (6) ME GRIM

24 Clutch a cold fish (5) C LING

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