Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9835 Thursday, May 06, 2010


1 One not moving towards the medal (4) GO(-I)NG

9 An encounter that may be paid-for (8,7) CONTRACT KILLING

10 Excellent party (4) RAVE

11 Boredom that is back around the disturbed nun (5) E(NNU*)I<-

12 Also first lock the device (4) TOO(L)

13 The guilty may do this before the judge (5) PLEAD

14 Aroused the emotions of the holy man, I first recognised to be in debt (7) ST I R RED

16 Represent the Romans in the loyalist group in the popular resort (7) BE RM UDA

18 Follow an argument (5) TRACK

22 Humble saint is a German leader (4) ST A G

23 Blind god rode out behind on top of the horse (5) (H)ODER*

24 Fix the base of the tooth (4) ROOT

25 Device that may be featured as all-in-one! (15) MULTIFUNCTIONAL

26 Push in part of the bed entirely (4) DENT


2 It's pale browna motel constructed around Austria (7) OATME(A)L*

3 Bewitching hours of work (9,5) GRAVEYARD SHIFT

4 Warrant officer in the morning is upset by the new girl (5) WO MA<-N

5 Fuss about the bad smell (5) STINK

6 Prime interest calculated at last has been wrongly conceived (14) MISINTERPRETE*D

7 Small terrestrial isopod (6) SLATER

8 Girl will regularly copyread in a huff (7) ANN O Y E D

15 Sign of man and beast is well combined (7) CENTAUR

17 Gigantic aircraft will heartlessly hit the foundation of the city (6) MIG(HT)Y

19 Character in strips (7) CARTOON

20 Notice one angel at first in the city (5) AD AN A

21 Left out collar is different in colour (5) CORAL*(-L)

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