Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9847 Thursday, May 20, 2010


1 Such a sketch doesn’t have flesh and blood (8) SKELETAL

5 Pieceworker, Jack, old boy, gets some numbers (6) J OB BER

9 Gun put in hold, our sailors lost in the boat races (7) R E(GAT) TA

10 Stubborn person overwhelms females with red scarf (7) MU(FF)LE R

11 Sherpa got flustered in a cluster of projectiles (9) GRAPESHOT*

12 Is he fit to be a takeaway person? (5) THIEF*

13 Among a small number there’s an engineer: one leading a high life (4) I(BE)X (you are a sadist, Gridman!)

14 Tucker, for one, sung about weapons (5,4) TOMMY GUNS*

17 Odd, fifty left for new youth leader for a kind of reward (9) {PECU(-L)(+N)IAR}Y

19 Perhaps evangelists hold a recess (4) APSE

23 Under a false name, briefly (5) INCOG(nito)

24 Painter holding a hot section for islanders (9) T(A H)ITIAN(S)

25 Not straightforward, like a crossword clue! (7) CRYPTIC (ironically, quite a straightforward clue!)

26 Perm Sue worked out is the best of all (7) SUPREME*

27 Don’t outstanding workers take part in these strikes? (3-3) SIT-INS

28 You and me inquisitivenot about a description of an exceptional interest (8) US (-C)URIOUS


1 Gasolier refurbished at women’s quarters in palace (8) SERAGLIO*

2 Chisel image finally with graven designing (7) E(NGRAVE*)

3 Specialist gets bay perhaps for a starter (6) ENT REE

4 Isn’t archaic? No, just becoming outmoded (13) ANACHRONISTIC*

6 Near-offer about torn tags kept away from public view (3-5) OFF-(STAG)E(-r)

7 Bobby’s leader coming up with big money (7) BILLION

8 Become thinned with ugly fare on board (6) R(AREF*)Y

10 Transformation brought about by aphorisms to the latter half of them (13) METAMORPHOSIS*

15 Conducting element (8) TUNGSTEN

16 Estimate again: to be diverted are ships carrying drug (8) (REA*)SS(E)SS

18 Variable parking in chaotic centre not completed, put in a code (7) {ENCR(Y)(P)T(-e)*}

20 Identify unpleasant smell, but this doesn’t make cure possible (7) PLACE (B O)

21 Endlessly talk about freshwater aquarium fish (6) DISCUS(-S)

22 Dazed feeling increased when in shop mostly (6) ST(UP)OR(-e)

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rajasekhar said...

Interesting. Have been attempting Hindu Xword since many years and now trying ot squeeze in time even to go thru it once.