Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9836 Friday, May 07, 2010


4 Flow of water in the central parts of an exciting story (8) TH(RILL)E R

8 Put in twice the amount of work (6) DOUBLE

9 American award that may put you on an Honour roll (4,6) BLUE RIBBON

10 Get rid of one in Houston city (4) OUST

11 Usual time of the job (4) PAR T

13 Chick that is under par (6) BIRDIE

15 Name initially another pandit performing outdoors in Nepal's temple (7) A P P O I N T

17 Foreigner in Sri Lanka is with the Vatican (4) S L A V

18 You have a Territorial Army on the hill top in the state (4) U TA H

19 Cigars got back in for secret agents out of power (7) S(TOG<-)(-P)IES

21 Property in Budapest-attested (6) ESTATE

22 Talk boastfully about the girl following the supporter (4) BRA G

25 Made to lie to the lady (4) DAME*

26 Jehovah's Witness (10) WATCHTOWER

27 Continue to be in charge of the first tenure of the chemical dependent person (6) ADD IC T

28 Bearer has an accident in the corners of the Cathedral relating to the brain (8) C(EREBRA*)L


1 For this purpose introduce wine, overheard (2,3) AD HOC (~hock)

2 Star bike (6) PULSAR

3 Animal in Zambia kills the bear (5) Z(EBRA*)

4 Faith in a business concern (5) TRUST

5 Choice of a small portion of the dish (7) RARE BIT

6 Needing effort to dig an old burial outside (9) LAB(O)RI(O)U(S)

7 They may get very demonstrative in front of an audience (9) EMOTIONAL

12 Son is in to fix the perch (5) ROO(S)T

14 School boy in the morning is up in the small castle outside (9) CLASS(MA<-)TE*

15 A descent that is very rocky (9) AVALANCHE

16 Circle out an elevated zone in the country (5) NIGER(-O)* (=region)

19 Bunker shade (7) SHELTER

20 Artist in Belgium is the one to first communicate in the language (6) AR A B I C

22 Cut short the insides of the small intestine (5) BOWEL(-S)

23 River in the holy ground (5) A(R)RA S ??

24 Fat man is the one not fit at the end of the day (5) HE F(-I)T Y


Chaturvasi said...

May I request you to visit the Col's blog where I have written a clue dedicated to LNS.
The answer is to be entered only by him but others can solve it privately if they so wish.

anokha said...

Got it now, Vasi Sir - Hope that makes LNS' day :)