Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9850 Monday, May 24, 2010


1 Disaffected paper chief quaffed rum (9) ESTRANGED

6 The standpoints of both the left and the right (5) SIDES

9 English in Riviera resort is relative (5) NI(E)CE

10 This player is known to put the squeeze on The Box (9) ACCORDIAN

11 Highly amused this month by ticklish sensations (2,8) IN STITCHES

12 Only French mother (4) MERE

14 Bullfighters appear to roost over on foot! (7) TO(RE)ROS*

15 Plug money sent to the French post to revolt (7) (STOP*) P LE

17 Dictated to have many tied in construction (7) INDITED*

19 Commanding Officer sat in preparation of operations (7) A(C)TI(O)NS*

20 Recognises the sound of the organ (4) NOSE (~knows)

22 Presbyterian presidents break up smart rodeo (10) MODERATORS*

25 Abandon when you move home (5,4) LEAVE FLAT

26 Race bet in Rhode Island is crooked (5) T(RI)BE*

27 Start the game? Will do (5) SCRUM

28 Large number, train with old misconstrued guiding principles (9) DO(C)TRINAL*


1 Nine turn out with a feeling of weariness (5) ENN(U)I*

2 Certain to remain in step if treated with respect (9) TREA(SURE)D

3 I tore a male to pieces to effect an improvement (10) AMELIORATE*

4 Strikes ball, with bat, to glide over to fine leg (7) GLANCES

5 Labourers who load and unload ships on a wharf (7) DOCKERS

6 For a Yank, of course, it's always effective (4) SURE

7 Five ride out to press forward with violence (5) DRI(V)E*

8 No reason for being without taste, for example (9) SENSELESS

13 Firm undertaking to build a condenser? (10) CONTRACTOR

14 Not musical circles (9) TRIANGLES

16 Upgrading in favour of formal proposal (9) PRO MOTION

18 Odd to take dole for having scribbled aimlessly (7) DOODLED*

19 Substance not liable to decay as per case made out on tip (7) ASEPTIC*

21 Step one is to get into the lead (5) STA(I)R

23 Explosive projectile that may direct one to hell (5) S HELL

24 Regard, we're told, as a best friend (4) DEEM

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