Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9229 Wednesday, May 21, 2008


 1 Flourish British article before an attractive person (8) BRANDISH

 5 Way to go to a location (6) AVENUE

 9 This clue is a mere nothingness (8) NIHILITY

10 Bring down a cow, perhaps (5) LOWER

12 Girl once in circulation in India (4) ANNA

13 Obtaining university education in a marked manner? (10) GRADUATION

15 Sluggish — like an ox? (6) BOVINE

17 Get round to pedestrian newspaper page (4) OPED

19 They give directions to send back unwanted e-mail (4) MAPS

20 Debtor has a bad year — it’s gloomy (6) DREARY

24 Hindrance to production in a glass factory? (10) BOTTLENECK

27 Deva broadcast holy book (4) VEDA

29 It may come between one name and another (5) ALIAS

30 Occipital disorder is a problem (8) HEADACHE

31 Extracted from eleven lyrics in a uniform manner (6) EVENLY

32 Armed forces officer hugs Pune’s leading cabaret artiste (8) STRIPPER


 1 Boycott I impose on one undergarment (6) BANIAN

 2 Article within article on southern city (6) ATHENS

 3 Do the French give sparingly? (4) DOLE

 4 Sylvan deity settled on your hollow (5) SATYR

 6 House 6: everyone is up (5) VILLA

 7 One of many in this paper that keeps you informed (4,4) NEWS ITEM

 8 Wide of the mark, like a knight (6) ERRANT

11 Stick had broken before (6) ADHERE

14 Sots roll and heave (4) TOSS

16 Order in depression (6) INDENT

17 This man is skilled in rowing (4) OARS

18 In such a job, you are not engaged wholly (4-4) PART-TIME

21 Burning a mark on a horse (6) ABLAZE

22 Trophy for cha-drinking? (6) TEACUP

23 Rush wildly to an occupation (6) CAREER

25 Disinfectant that is partly soluble here (5) LYSOL

26 Hundred: what’s left on the peak (5) CREST

28 In all probability Enid likes South Indian breakfast dish (4) IDLI


mike said...

26 Hundred: what’s left on the peak (5) CREST

could be C_LEFT

anokha said...

Hi Mike,

CLEFT is actually opposite of peak. CREST is right as it means peak and in the clue "what's left" means REST (as in rest of it)!

John said...

17 AC I think Ope n should be open as in open page in a newspaper

anokha said...

OPED is right, John! First, it is an actual page in newspaper usually written as OP-ED for OPinions and EDitorials page such as the middle page spread in The Times of India. Second, it is contained in the clue.