Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9225 Friday, May 16, 2008


 1 Thin, musty or well-worn (8) COBWEBBY

 6 Disgrace with the backward boy gone. Check! (4) SCAN

 9 One who thinks of oneself (6) EGOIST

10 Artist, scholar and social worker are without restraint (7) RAMPANT

13 Ladies seeking toilet facility can’t use these (4,5) MEN'S ROOMS

14 Foreign national with one Indian queen (5) IRANI

15 Mark, it’s unending alarm (4) SCAR

16 Stepping up spread of genial acts (10) ESCALATING

19 What ground forces in a war get from a higher level (3,7) AIR SUPPORT

21 Talk is water running out of castle in France (4) CHAT

24 A great number with Hindu god in play (5) DRAMA

25 Downplay dealt fops a blow (9) SOFTPEDAL

26 Holds back cracked stainer (7) RETAINS

27 Describing how treasures of wickedness are obtained (3-3) ILL-GOT

28 Nothing follows guy in Assamese tribe (4) BODO

29 Car city? (8) PLYMOUTH


 2 Thin material from periodical in borders of Zambia (7) ORGANZA

 3 Makes vibrant noise: Which child left Rolls Royce on top of the slope? (6) WHIRRS

 4 Down the hatch! (7,2) BOTTOMS UP

 5 Town from which many presidents have been elected (5) YPRES

 7 Indian bread for the fellow at deli at last (7) CHAPATI

 8 What a person on maun vrat says… (7,2,3) NOTHING AT ALL

11 Female domestic on an Indian playground (6) MAIDAN

12 What a thief may do at a shop window (5-3-4) SMASH-AND-GRAB

17 Fanciful: top-class lines following top-class lines (4-5) AIRY-FAIRY

18 Arecanut chips U.S. pair processed (6) SUPARI

20 Showed some response to part of the play in a rush (7) REACTED

22 Greeting of the French published in Retreat (7) HIDEOUT

23 God of light shot off to the moon (6) APOLLO

25 He runs a computer server (5) SYSOP

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