Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9218 Thursday, May 08, 2008


 1 Device to measure the duration of truce, say (9) TIMEPIECE

 5 Full stop at this location (5) POINT

 8 A sailor goes after another fearsome person (6) THREAT

 9 Get going on a voyage (3,2,3) PUT TO SEA

11 Doctor No’s kind of sound (4) MONO

12 Pretended to be in less trouble (10) OSTENSIBLE

14 A game with no big surprise (5) BINGO

15 Go beyond the limit with six deliveries, move fast (7) OVERRUN

16 Modern-day Hitlerite (3,4) NEO NAZI

17 Antelope with a jumbo rib is confined here (5) ORIBI

19 Leaders of small emporia occupied in apparel have a narrow escape (5,5) CLOSE THING

20 Transport that may make heavy demands on one (4) TAXI

22 Smell the French with a head cold (8) SNIFFLER

23 Injury that the British employ to capture one (6) BRUISE

24 Following in time (5) AFTER

25 The paraphernalia needed for performing some African-American music in a back street (9) TROMBONES


 1 Japanese floor covering with goodbye note (6) TATAMI

 2 A scientist like Cousteau who spelt out organ mobilities (6,9) MARINE BIOLOGIST

 3 Vegetable, sound like a part of 1 Ac (4) PEAS

 4 In France, water from German town is fragrant stuff (3,2,7) EAU DE COLOGNE

 5 Cakes that irate spies trashed (10) PATISSERIE

 6 In a vessel, making one a priest shows disobedience (15) INSUBORDINATION

 7 Exchange of the old (in part) for the new (5-2) TRADE-IN

10 For an honest man, it’s somehow a very great surprise (12) ASTONISHMENT

13 Neglected peacekeepers get looked after (7,3) UNCARED FOR

16  A coin is tossed in as capital (7) NICOSIA

18 Muscle that gets flexed in a show of might (6) BICEPS

21 Hold the bag (4) GRAB


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You are absolutely right, John! Then 21dn is GRIP!