Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9219 Friday, May 09, 2008


 1 Grant the authority for his entering a EU country (9) FRANCHISE

 5 Stake the Spanish had in a popular nut (5) BETEL

 8 Fidgety? Don’t relax so much (8) RESTLESS

 9 Lack of it could make the House unable to act (6) QUORUM

11 Down under one finds gas (5) OZONE

12 State of a soul in A-1 transport (9) LOUISIANA

13 A bare state that needs no cover (6) NUDITY

14 Cry about old unit of length and pay money (5,3) SHELL OUT

16 Major means of communication that proceed from the heart (8) ARTERIES

18 Dead to the world was this old general in a special garb (6) ASLEEP

22 Greatness of a tulip made artificially (9) AMPLITUDE

23 Adversary, one of those booked by Sheridan (5) RIVAL

24 A victory, due and affirmed (6) AVOWED

25 Offer shares to all (2,6) GO PUBLIC

26  Get together for a service (5) AMASS

27  Unexpectedly finds an upper-class man’s co-op defaulting (5, 4) COMES UPON


 1 Miserable and” ___! The very word is like a bell to toll me back…..” (Ode to a Nightingale)(7) FORLORN

 2 Do a bunk with sailor, runner-up (non-English) (7) ABSCOND

 3 Select cool trims, adapted as what hobbyists crave (10,5) COLLECTORS ITEMS

 4 Offensive remark from a vain sultry maiden (6) INSULT

 5 Vegetables that a EU state produces (8,7) BRUSSELS SPROUTS

 6 Divided, a party creates a violent storm (7) TORNADO

 7 Severely reprimand essayist Elia, a good man (7) LAMBAST

10 A dish, American, hot, in South India (5) SUSHI

15 One leaves mastermind for an animal grouping (5) GENUS

16 "A Gas Stove” – a novel about middle class people (3-4) AGA-SAGA

17 Greek character, wearing a coat upside down needs starch (7) TAPIOCA

19 Cover up new love afresh with old record (7) ENVELOP

20 Bird finds a place in flight (7) PELICAN

21 British engineers shape a change for the better (6) REFORM


Sudarshan said...

very good.
however much i tried, i couldn't get AGA SAGA.

anokha said...

Thanks, Sudarshan - it was one of those obscure general knowledge thing good only for crossword/quiz use!