Friday, May 9, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9220 Saturday, May 10, 2008


 1 Gather a bit of money in a police shake up (7) COMPILE

 5 A concession: his maiden found it to be a case of fallacious reasoning (7) SOPHISM

 9 Is the sidewalk their canvas? (8,7) PAVEMENT ARTISTS

 10 Famous lady who confused media about the origin of love (6) IMELDA

11 Non-committal stand needed to get right back into a position of control (8) STRADDLE

13 English money, golden, for one who imparts knowledge (8) EDUCATOR

15 Article in imitation cover (6) CANOPY

18 Distinguishing feature of the right to harass (6) BADGER

19 Music maker (8) COMPOSER

22 Annoy and tire Rita awfully (8) IRRITATE

24 Make progress, get an increment (4,2) STEP UP

27 The songs sleuths play show lack of consideration (15) THOUGHTLESSNESS

28 Friendly understanding among different enterprises (7) ENTENTE

29 Leaders of Royal Navy sneaking into a players’ arena is peculiar (7) STRANGE


 1 Impose a limit on U.S. statesman’s sudden change of attitude (7) CAPRICE

 2 Modern-day talkie (5) MOVIE

 3 Current time wasted covering press, TV etc. (9) IMMEDIATE

 4 Neat treatment for an inactive volcano (4) ETNA

 5 Intelligence needed to overturn electric car in ship (6) SMARTS

 6 Bread-father swallows it, taking time (5) PITTA

 7 Crafty and cunning-being so in Diu is tricky (9) INSIDIOUS

8 The secret of an Agatha Christie work (7) MYSTERY

12, 17 The group leader’s best pet (3,3) TOP DOG

14 Offer to sell at a lower price, say, a layer of paint (9) UNDERCOAT

16 Before a repast, pie is distributed as a promoter of consumption (9) APPETISER

17 See 12 (DOG)

18 Stiff fibre from British island, a little tacky inside (7) BRISTLE

20 Quick reply that is the last word, set out with love (7) RIPOSTE

21 An icon getting prominence right away (6) STATUE

23 A big cat from two big cats (5) TIGON

25 Song of appreciation for what is chewed often around East Asia (5) PAEAN

26 Difficult situation in a dining area (4) MESS

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