Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9215 Monday, May 05, 2008


 1 Marble, say, is cast nearby (6,5) STONE'S THROW

 9 Hello from Hawaii! (5) ALOHA

10 Dog armies run wild with Chinese characters, say (9) IDEOGRAMS

11 Old Japanese capital in ruins (5) KYOTO

12 Novel musical instrument able to play on its own? (6,5) PLAYER PIANO

13 Subatomic particle discovered by paid player (heavyweight) (6) PROTON

14 Drug in seventh heaven (7) ECSTASY

18 Scrap about retrograde eclipse type in Georgia website (7) WRANGLE

20 Noble entertaining youth leader discovers subatomic particle (6) BARYON

24 Uranium nucleon destroyed by key decrypting the infinite (11) UNCOUNTABLE

26 Break out in Bikaner uptown (5) ERUPT

27 You can finish counting these after a point (9) RATIONALS

28 Bird (Republican) replacing Democrat in YouTube post (5) VIREO

29 Unbiased Spartan in no trouble (3-8) NON-PARTISAN


 1 Drain dirty tube (4,4) SOIL PIPE

 2 Pointless to twist orange rope for drama patron (5,4) OPERA GOER

 3 Cog reel wound by Spanish painter (2,5) EL GRECO

 4 Vagrant Frenchman caught in ambush (5) TRAMP

 5 Google again for what PhDs might have done (8) RESEARCH

 6 Leg it when the umpire raises his finger and stage a strike (7) WALKOUT

 7 Subatomic particle of sulphur in gift (5) BORON

 8 Subatomic particle found in big load containing gold (5) TAUON

15 Issue surrounding July 4th article about Lincoln’s tofu source (4,5) SOYA BEANS

16 Cornet played after the Spanish discover a subatomic particle (8) ELECTRON

17 Anise cooked by a star reportedly at the optimal time (2,6) IN SEASON

19 Uncommitted on replacing aluminium nucleon (7) NEUTRON

21 Can’t go back any further to return note with trademark to East German (7) AFTMOST

22 Hard to carry cheap component in the outskirts of Velachery (5) HEAVY

23 Subatomic fleck of cheese (5) QUARK

25 Trimmed bull painting returned by radical (5) ULTRA

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