Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9213 Friday, May 02, 2008


 1 Pool furniture used in a ball game (8,5) BILLIARD TABLE

 9 Key distributor in North Korean capital has some free personnel (9) INNKEEPER

10 Curio in Italy replaced by trainee in a strange manner (5) ODDLY

11 Greek character housed by insider without hesitation in flat (7) INSIPID

13 Stand under fire for article on Danish leader in press (7) ANDIRON

14 Remorse in sweetheart substituting model with trickery (5) GUILE

15 Champion in play? Be managed in a pacific manner (9) PEACEABLY

17 Attacker in the French book behind donkey with AI (9) ASSAILANT

18 Spirit of Oriental in Olympic city (5) SEOUL

20 Septets chief with platinum, in meeting with Spanish premier (7) HEPTADS

22 Olympic city in Natal built by volunteers (7) ATLANTA

23 One confused about large trap (5) NOOSE

24 Sailor returns with corneal trouble to Olympic city (9) BARCELONA

26 Enemy let loose around end of month reportedly blew way to save cyanide victim (9,4) METHYLENE BLUE


 1 Old English leader dismissed for secret looking in Olympic city (7) BEIJING

 2 Yearn to go with armada members to popular English diving location (9) LONGSHIPS

 3 Dessert made with hard water? (3) ICE

 4 Fast music genre for interval dance, primarily (5) RAPID

 5 Nag graduate in rag dress, found in a nomad’s home? (9) TERMAGANT

 6 Immobile transporter of bank deposit? (5,6) BLOOD VESSEL

 7 Senior pupil making way for 1 Down (5) ELDER

 8 Syria to deny development of Olympic city (6) SYDNEY

12 Job of meteorologist, say, to have the final word in an unpleasant situation (11) PREDICAMENT

15 Run around and bail us out in a credible manner (9) PLAUSIBLY

16 Found underground in Neyveli town (5,4) BROWN COAL

17 Hasten construction of Olympic city (6) ATHENS

19 Discharge from scallion reportedly found in bagel (7) LEAKAGE

21 Introduction given by sweetheart in high school dance (5) PROEM

22 Alfred the First, of Ireland, brought up in a lofty home (5) AERIE

25 African tribe to tender for lamb (3) EWE


Sudarshan said...

hi anokha:
that was good.
i would like to know more on PROEM (21 DOWN)

anokha said...

Hi Sudarshan,

PROM is a high school dance in which girls and boys ask their "sweethearts" to accompany them to the dance. And PROEM means an introduction, a preface.....