Monday, May 19, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9228 Tuesday, May 20, 2008


 1 The noble art of self-defence (8) PUGILISM

 5 Turn right back and read out to someone in business (6) TRADER

10 Turn over, topless girl, and summon spirits! (7) EVOCATE

11 Fundamental lets loose a corgi around noon (7) ORGANIC

12 If that is holding a faulty scan… (2,4) IN CASE

13 A graphic character (8) IDEOGRAM

15 Animal crossing the lines is an African antelope (4) ORYX

16 I represent change in the business concern (10) ENTERPRISE

18 What a busy person has on a given day; he can’t take anything more (6,2,2) ENOUGH TO DO

20 Raced and inquired secretly without ego (4) SPED

23 Ground providing shelter for parking the tortoise (8) TERRAPIN

24 Back the eminence taking a knock for the bird (6) PARROT

26 Past misbehaviour recalled early starts worry (7) AGONIZE

27 Emperor in a knockout with I taking a strike (7) AKIHITO

28 Linking the ruler with leaders of youth organisations (6) YOKING

29 Not only painters refresh their memory with these (8) BRUSHUPS


 1 Diplomat’s perennial tip: toy can blow off (15) PLENIPOTENTIARY

 2 Sulky king with painful cry close to armoury (7) GROUCHY

 3 Act between parties (6) LIAISE

 4 Cast off the woman on the top of the dome (4) SHED

 6 What a disbanded organisation does after the setback (8) REGROUPS

 7 On a roll, I rained old coins (7) DENARII

 8 Plugs, revised, mention comrades (15) RECOMMENDATIONS

 9 What car drivers must be before they go out (4-5) ROAD-READY

14 Woman, w-weary, is not in a presentable form (9) UNATTIRED

17 Nair rushing up to Indian location that is rural (8) AGRARIAN

19 Peg useful in a row (7) OARLOCK

21 Muttering sound that is acceptable in adjacent place (7) PURLIEU

22 Women take the French side to pieces (6) LADIES

25 Reasonable show (4) FAIR

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