Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9217 Wednesday, May 07, 2008


 1 Truly the — authentic object, not what a pirate may may sell (7,7) GENUINE ARTICLE

 8 A religion that, in this manner, accepts a suggestion (6) SHINTO

 9, 10 Dn. Earl hands out change with great enthusiasm (5,3,4) HEART AND SOUL

11 Implied meaning of French and German articles, sound (9) UNDERTONE

12 Unpleasant sound from an inferno is eerie (5) NOISE

13 A lady’s contribution for continuing the race (3,4) EGG CELL

15 Devastated by endless acclamation, became old (7) RAVAGED

17 Old oriental bat sickened and swelled up (7) BLOATED

19 Relating to the electronics of flight (7) AVIONIC

21 Laxative source for a Bengali? Not available (5) SENNA

23 The streamer for players with key part (9) BANDEROLE

25 Study the wake left by a flier (8) CONTRAIL

26 Old scientist gets fresh weight (6) NEWTON

27 By means of a single action, destroy fellow-poets on a… (2,3,4,5) AT ONE FELL SWOOP


 1 … signal from a guest: note the oddity (7) GESTURE

 2 Nymph upsets boy with commercial (5) NAIAD

 3 What a fast fighter may do to another flier (9) INTERCEPT

 4 A creature that is heard to make a racket, my pet! (3,4) ROE DEER

 5 Old cricketer from Timra noted for his bowling (5) IMRAN

 6 Luring into trouble in a golden move (7,2) LEADING ON

 7 Set of numbers to be added by a theologian with an objective (6) ADDEND

10 See 9 Ac. (SOUL)

14 Source of oil crushed by eccentric (9) GROUNDNUT

16 Having no say in the matter? (9) VOICELESS

17 The fundamental things for bachelors about to order the dog to attack (6) BASICS

18 Quiz the scout on return and be fired perhaps (7) DEBRIEF

19 Fire, in India, a missile (4) AGNI

20 Pa and uncle together deployed to get rid of the dirt (5,2) CLEAN UP

22 Part of the stage, a cover for the working man (5) APRON

24 The cost of reversing income? (5) OUTGO

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