Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9227 Monday, May 19, 2008


 1 Fabulous bird returns to arid display in bullfight (7) CORRIDA

 5 Spanish currency sees a steep variation (6) PESETA

 9 Mental illness of person in-charge (5) MANIC

10 A host of local frequenters (9) INNKEEPER

11 Check one part following one main road in India (7) INHIBIT

12 Kind of stroke in swimming completed by a marine (7) OVERARM

13 Tribal people recall unhappy books (5) TODAS

14 As I do, nine turn up in this country (9) INDONESIA

16 Not that a mistress won’t have access with this opener (6,3) MASTER KEY

19 Young hooter spreads towel (5) OWLET

21 Lama in management is the most trusted employee here (4,3) MAIN MAN

23 Worry was brought back by woodworking tool (4-3) FRET-SAW

24 Bring back control by the government (9) REINSTATE

25 A foreign affair? (5) AMOUR

26 Groups army officer left out (6) GENERA

27 What one witnesses there may be dramatic (7) THEATRE


 1 If we do this with something, we may not forget it (6,2,6) COMMIT TO MEMORY

 2 Went into subdivision without a start-up and worked as a stock farmer (7) RANCHED

 3 Demon in copper vehicle (7) INCUBUS

 4 Too much! Somewhat dense! (1,3,5) A BIT THICK

 5 Spotted a small measure; nothing to it (5) PINTO

 6 There’s lustre about the engineer in the Irish wine shop (7) SHEBEEN

 7 Crowning wear, aren’t they? (3,4) TOP HATS

 8 Describing a situation deteriorating by degrees (4,3,2,5) FROM BAD TO WORSE

15 That is an off for a worker (3,2,4) DAY OF REST

17 Save it! I disguise myself as a Hindu devotee (7) SAIVITE

18 Once in Scotland went around a religious rite — all together! (2,5) EN MASSE

19 Perform in the theatre (7) OPERATE

20 Endure the batsman dismissed finally (4,3) LAST OUT

22 Kind of philosophy many a yatri in India upholds (5) NYAYA

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